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Cancer treatment – the true story of Marek

Cancer treatment – the true story of Marek

When we met Marek, one of our customers, and heard the story he decided to share with us, time stopped. Moments like these are the essence of what we want to do. This is exactly the moment that brings us so much joy and happiness. Immediately after talking to Marek we decided to share this extraordinary story with you.

Cancer treatment is one of the most difficult challenges one needs to tackle in a lifetime, and a growing number of people are affected by this disease. Unfortunately, the incidence of this disease is rising, but so is the awareness of treatment methods. Marek told us his story, which begins with the fact that he came across our natural products. Today, his history is for many people not only a miraculous proof of the effectiveness of cannabinoid therapy, but most importantly… it gives hope, gives strength and encourages others to seek solutions.

According to Marek, cannabinoids have proved to be a very valuable support for him almost from the very beginning of his cancer treatment. At a time when he was not only failing in health, but also was in low spirits, he urgently needed something that would pick him up. At that point, CBD oil came in with help – Marek has praised its broad spectrum of positive properties to this day – he managed to regain his cheerfulness and the willingness to fight.

Marek’s story starts at the hospital…

After having been diagnosed with cancer of the urinary tract, Marek was almost immediately admitted to hospital. His tumour was partially removed and Marek… was left on his own – as he mentions in the video. The cancer has been prevented for the time being, but Marek was still afraid that metastases would occur. The constant stress associated with the whole situation reduced his comfort and quality of life. Every day he asked himself a question: What to do next? But, the support and awareness of his family, however, motivated Marek to search for alternative methods of coping with the disease from the point of view of attitude and mental well-being, and that’s how he came across us – he decided to trust us and our 50% CBD GOLD paste, which he used to start the supplementation. Today, Marek claims that it was absolutely spot on – he would never ever exchange our paste for another product.

The effects of the treatment exceeded his wildest expectations, which is descried in his video with beautiful and heart-stopping words… At the end, Marek summed it up in the following way: “I have received a second life.”

Cancer treatment and human psyche

Marek is a wonderful example of how important positive attitude to treatment is. In our articles, we’ve emphasized multiple times that the will to fight and positive thinking can significantly improve and accelerate the effects of the treatment. And the other way round, if someone surrenders at the very beginning of the treatment, and their behaviour and words are full of pessimism, they lose faith in their chances of being cured. May Marek and his story be your personal motivation not to think about cancer in terms of a sentence.

In his video, this amazing man shares how important a positive attitude is as an element of the treatment. We very much hope that the video we are showing you will give you at least a little bit of positive thinking. Regardless of the stage of the disease, it is not worth giving up a positive attitude – cancer treatment methods are becoming more and more advanced, and smile and well-being certainly support the body in dealing with the disease on an everyday basis.


50% CBD GOLD Paste – your recipe for a positive attitude

Marek decided to buy one of the strongest hemp products. 50% CBD GOLD Paste is a concentrated product with a CBD content of 25 mg per drop. Our GOLD Paste is a completely organic product containing no GMOs. It has a full spectrum of cannabinoids, but doesn’t have a psychoactive effect. The paste contains all the beneficial ingredients of hemp, such as terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. Thanks to such a high dose of CBD, our 50% CBD GOLD Paste shows a range of properties that positively affect your well-being.

How exactly does the 50% CBD GOLD Paste work?
It has a relaxing effect – can alleviate various types of pain,
Improves your mood and allows you to regain your enthusiasm for action,
By improving your mood, it restores motivation – Marek is the best example here!
Reduces stress levels – also if they are initially very high,
Eliminates problems with falling asleep – especially those resulting from very strong stress,
Affects the endocannabinoid system, providing comprehensive support for the entire body.

As you can see in the video, the paste has really restored Marek’s self-confidence and a belief that he would recover. That is the best proof that positive attitude and well-being can be really powerful – even in the fight against such a serious disease as cancer.

Cancer treatment – effectiveness of treatment with cannabinoids

After watching the video for the first time, wide smile lit up our faces. Marek gave us even more energy to act than we could have imagined. Not only did he tell us his story, but he also showed us the latest test results. He can’t believe that cancer… simply disappeared. As you can see, medicine is constantly finding new treatment solutions, and additional support in the form of supplementation may prove invaluable – especially when serious doubts begin to plague the patient. Is it possible to find the right words to express joy and happiness after receiving such results? Marek said something that got engraved in our memory: “I got a second life.” And that’s the most beautiful thing about it. We can’t find words that would express what we, as a manufacturer, feel, after receiving Mark’s video. We’re simply over the moon. And today we want you, too, to hear this story, which begins with despair and drama, but has a happy ending.

Watch the video and remember never to lose faith – because sometimes faith and positive attitude are most important!

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