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What will you find in our CBD Crystal category?

By looking at this category in our store you will find four unique products. And each of them in a capacity of 1g, ready for vaporization!
CBD Crystal and three versions of WAX Crumble: Mango Kush, O.G Kush, Super Lemon Haze.

Each of the products is manufactured in a safe way and has tests and approvals confirming the content of phytocannabinoids at the appropriate level.

CBD crystals - maximum benefits

CBD crystals - maximum benefits

If you are looking for high-quality and purity CBD and WAX Crumble crystals, which are obtained only from proven hemp crops, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that our CBD crystal is the purest product in our offer? Did you know that you can use it in many ways and use it naturally in supplementation? Get to know our vaporization products in four versions with a wide range of properties that our customers love.

These are products free from harmful chemicals. They are not subjected to any genetic modification and chemical treatments with the use of solvents. The CBD crystal and our Crumble are biologically pure and of impeccable quality.

How to use CBD crystal?

The amazing advantage of CBD Crystal is that it can be used in many ways. The most popular and effective method is using it for vaporization, i.e. steam inhalation. However, if you want to use it differently, you can add it to the e-liquid or spice up your kitchen with it.

Did you know that crystal can be added to butter and thus create a natural product that will supplement your diet with cannabinoids every time you eat breakfast or dinner? What’s more, because the crystal dissolves perfectly when heated, you can enrich your cosmetics with it, e.g. by adding it to a cream or lotion. This is the most versatile product in our offer!

How to use CBD crystal?

How to use WAX ​​Crumble?

How to use WAX ​​Crumble?

Our Crumble CBD is perfect for vaporization and dabbing because it has very versatile properties. It is recommended to use it in vaporizers. All you need is a small amount, about the size of half a grain of rice, placed in the vaporizer. To enrich vaporization, it can be combined with dried CBD Flowers.

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