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CBD Hash Super Sour Diesel – 5g

5.00 out of 5


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  • 100% natural / 100% organic .
  • Legal, coming from the European market.
  • It has a full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC).
  • High content of CBD and other cannabinoids, over 17%.
  • Lack of psychoactive properties (THC below 0.2%).
  • The highest quality product, meeting all control requirements.
  • Perfect for vaporization.
  • Net weight: 5 g.


CBD HASH SUPER SOUR DIESEL 5 g – Feel how it fills you with positive energy!  

Our CBD Hash Super Sour Diesel product is pressed resin which is designed for vaping.

The characteristic traits of our hash are its high quality and full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC), – as its THC content is lower than 0.2%, it does not display intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

CBD Hash Super Sour Diesel comes from eco-friendly farms which don’t use any chemical additives (pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers).

CBD Hash is a product that displays a wide range of health benefits. The fact that it contains a high concentration of CBD at a level of over 17% means that it may be used for a wide number of ailments

Each gram of CBD Hash contains up to 170 mg of CBD.


CBD Hash displays many positive properties which you will soon appreciate:

  • It has relaxing properties – it provides pain relief for painful ailments.
  • It has anti-oxidant effects – it hinders excessive activity of free radicals which become activated under the influence of negative external factors.
  • It improves your body’s natural resistance to disease.
  • It helps to prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms and supports their removal from your body.
  • It eliminates stress and has a positive influence on your quality of sleep.
  • It improves your sense of well-being and allows you to maintain a positive mood.
  • It will serve as an invaluable support during periods of intense mental effort and improves concentration and memory.
  • It allows you to relax, even after a very stressful day.


Ingredients: Cannabis sativa L.*

*from eco-friendly farms.

It’s worth knowing that vaping has become one of the most effective methods of cannabinoidol supplementation.

Wishing to provide you with a choice of products, we have prepared four unique flavoured versions of our CBD Hash just for you, namely Amnesia Therapy, O.G. Kush Therapy, Diamond Medical or Super Sour Diesel. Regardless of which one you choose, each of them display exactly the same amazing health-giving properties.

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For athlete, For students, Senior +

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great quality for that price!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great quality for that price!

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