Hemp oil with CBD for animals

CBD oil has become very popular among people in recent years, who have started using it due to its wide range of properties. Shortly after hemp oil became a desirable product on the market, hemp oil for animals was also marketed. 

Our offer includes three hemp oils for animals:

  • Cat Care 500 mg
  • Dog Care 1000 mg
  • Horse Care 3000 mg

All three hemp oils for animals come in 50 ml bottles and in addition to the hemp oil with a full spectrum of phytonutrients, they are enriched with cod liver oil and thistle oil. This adds to their flavour, but also gives them properties valuable to the well-being of our pets!

Is CBD oil for humans different from that for animals?

As regards the composition, CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for animals are very similar. However, the products that are intended for animals additionally contain cod liver oil, as well as high-quality thistle oil. This not only gives the product additional properties, but also changes the taste to one that will be even more appealing to animals! What CBD oil for animals and CBD oil for humans have in common is high quality hemp oil with a full spectrum of phytonutrients, certified and tested by independent laboratories.

Benefits of using CBD in animal diet

Is it worth implementing CBD oil into your pet’s diet? Of course, it is! CBD hemp oil for animals provides a number of benefits to their diet:

  • provides phytonutrients to your pet,
  • adds Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9 acids to its diet,
  • supports its natural immunity,
  • supports its cardiovascular system,
  • makes its skin and fur shine healthily,
  • cod oil gives your pet energy,
  • and thistle supports its liver.

How do you feed hemp oil to your pets?

It’s best to start with small portions to see how your pet will react to a new addition to its diet. Stick, especially at the beginning, to the suggested daily servings of the supplement. Gradually, you can increase the oil servings by adding 1-2 drops every 2-3 weeks.

CBD is available in the form of oil for animals that can be given to your pet with its favourite treats or separately if your pet doesn’t sniff at the smell of the product. If you’re dealing with a pet that’s pickier, it’s a good idea to add a measured portion of CBD oil to a favourite treat or cold cuts, for example, and in this way include the oil in the pet’s diet.

Usually, however, pets consume CBD oil for animals without any difficulty and happily lick their muzzle after their portion of the product. Hemp oil has a rather pungent taste, but for some reason animals (with few exceptions) like it. Maybe their inner instinct tells them that this is something good for them?

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