Please give us the logistics of your shop and earn money on excellent quality hemp products!

The Dropshipping program was created for all those who want to take care of sales without having to worry about logistical issues. We'll take care of all the details - you can only fully concentrate on developing and promoting your store.


What's Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the logistics models in Internet sales. It consists in transferring the process of packing and delivery of goods to the customer to the supplier. If you are considering setting up an online store, this is the perfect solution for you!

What can you gain by working with us?

  • check The plant on most sites in our climate reaches 1.5-3m in height, but there are also lower varieties, reaching 1.5-2m.
  • check The results and statistics from previous years show that cannabis cultivation can yield a profit of between PLN 4 and 5 000 per hectare.
  • check The cost of qualified material for sowing is 7-12 to 32 PLN per kg, while the purchase price of grain after harvest is about 4000 PLN per tonne. In domestic purchase straw was sold for 340-380 PLN per tonne or 400-420 PLN in foreign purchase. Average grain yields range from 300-1000 kg to 1500 kg on soils in good culture and 6-10 to 15 tons of straw.
  • check Sowing of hemp is in the second half of April using standard cereal seed drills. The suggested sowing standard is between 15 and 30 kg, so sowing for textile fibre (about 60 kg) or building materials (about 40 kg).

How to start?

Send us a message at [email protected] and express your willingness to cooperate.
2. Then we will verify your online shop.
3. After positive verification, we will send you a contract to sign.
4. Once the formalities are completed, we will give you access to dropshipping resources.
5. You can start selling our products now!

Most important information

1 The dropshipping offer is addressed to the owners of online shops who conduct business according to the following criteria:

  • -have an online shop;
  • -have a registered business,
  • -have an online shop in accordance with our brand communication policy - a shop selling legal
  • -products, functioning smoothly, with an accessible interface.
2. We provide XML and CSV files for shop integration with our resources.
3. Orders placed before 1pm are processed on the same working day.

Why is it worth it?

Individual career

Each of our partners is assigned an individual tutor who will answer all questions and help to go through the process of establishing cooperation and integration of shops.


We are open for your ideas!

We are people too, we understand human matters, so we are open to ideas and anything that can turn out to be a great solution. Contact us, present your needs and ideas, together we will definitely find a solution that will be good for both parties.

By choosing Hempking, you choose a company with an established position on the market!