The Hempking team was born out of love for health!

Hempking is a team of people who are united by passion for health and hemp. The best results can be achieved by combining love and passion. So where has the idea of creating Hempking come from?

A story written with four paws

HempKing has been set up as a result of difficulties, and the beginnings were not fun at all. Fate has not always been kind to us, and we have come a painful way to be where we are today. But thanks to this we have become a company full of passion. One event in our lives was enough to radically change our views and beliefs, but also significantly change our lifestyle. And, surprisingly, everything started with some fur and four paws we loved...

Kimbo, a dog that changed everything

An exceptionally beautiful and massive pit bull, which has been giving us joy for many years with its extraordinary charisma and activeness, suddenly became a completely different dog. The sentence pronounced by specialists was cruel and ruthless – epilepsy. We immediately started to treat the sick dog, as epileptic seizures happened more and more often and grew stronger every day, taking away the animal’s and our joy of life. It was then that we decided to supplement our friend's diet. And we came across CBD oil. The substance was the beginning of a new, still incredible adventure with true hemp.

Eksperci konopni

Only years of experience and proven information

We are confident in what we do and in our products. This trust in the properties of the oil makes us attract more and more hemp enthusiasts every year.

We are driven by our experience, which allows us to believe that what we do is right.

We create a place full of passion, respect and openness for everyone. We are people – for people.

Our mission

Happiness, health, choice!

Hempking provides high quality CBD products to make people's lives healthier and happier. We promote a healthy lifestyle free from any chemicals whatsoever. We provide personalized assistance in the selection and use of our products. We educate and inspire everyone to live a healthy life. Hempking products are natural supplements that our customers can take in every day.


Your health is the most important thing for us and we create our products with this in mind. It is a priority that was born of our own beliefs and ideas and is deeply rooted in our hearts.

Harmony with nature

We firmly reject all chemical solutions and are constantly looking for natural, safe methods to promote the environment as well as your health and happiness.


You are our priority – your well-being, health and happiness. Therefore, in addition to the products themselves, we offer you individual advice, assistance and sincere answers to any questions you may have.

Integrity and transparency

We make the results of our laboratory tests public and give honest advice, so as to enable you to make the best choice.

High standards

Our customer service team is the heart and soul of the whole company, and positive feedback motivates us to do even more. This commitment is manifested in the way our employees devote themselves to their work.

CBD leaf

Why are our products unique?

  • check our products have a rich profile of cannabinoids on the market, thus effectively supporting your diet,
  • check they have a concentration guarantee – you can be sure that you are buying a product with the guaranteed concentration of phytonutrients as indicated on the packaging.
  • check our hemp products have never come into contact with pesticides and herbicides,
  • check we are the only manufacturer in Poland to be EU Organic certified,
  • check we use a safe method of supercritical CO2 extraction in the production process,

Our branded products not only stand for impeccable and pure quality, but also represent an idea that allows us to spread the awareness that nature is the best choice.