The Affiliate Program was created for all those who want to earn money from promoting our products on their websites. We are in charge of sales and customer service, and you simply recommend us.


What's an affiliation?

Affiliation is a model of making money, in which a person who is a publisher on the Internet (blogger, owner of an Internet forum, etc.) places advertising materials of an advertiser on his website and gets paid for a specific action.

What can you gain by working with us?

  • check increase the potential of your service and, at the same time, the revenue from it,
  • check no need to invest additional resources to increase profits,
  • check a chance to turn your passion into a profitable business,
  • check We guarantee a clear and simple remuneration system and attractive rates,
  • check professional help with what to choose in the beginning to earn as much money as possible,

How to start?

Send us a message at and express your wish to cooperate.
2. We will verify your application.
3. After positive verification, we will send you a contract to sign.
4. Once all the formalities are completed, we will give you access to your affiliate account.
5. You can start promoting products and earn money!

The most important information?

The minimum payment threshold is 50 PLN (gross)
commission is 10% of the sale.

When you decide to work with HempKing you choose a company with an established market position.