CBD oil 1% – three versions of mild supplementation

CBD oil 1% in three versions: RAW, with garlic and ginger, and with black pepper and turmeric. It’s the perfect solution for beginners who are just entering the world of cannabis supplements.

1% versions of CBD oils have been enriched with spices that affect not only the taste of the products, but also their properties!

Each of the oils is certified, tested and contains 100mg of CBD.

CBD oil 1% – low concentration for beginners

RAW version: is CBD oil with 100mg of CBD, no additives, in the RAW version, i.e. raw. The perfect hemp oil for those who want to try CBD but are unsure if it is a dietary supplement for them.

Garlic and Ginger version: CBD oil containing 100mg of CBD and the addition of garlic and ginger, which not only adds flavor to the oil, but also has its own properties that will be appreciated by anyone who wants to strengthen immunity even more.

Pepper and Turmeric version: CBD oil, also with 100mg of cannabidiol, but this time with pepper and turmeric. These spices make the oil even more care for our skin!

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