CBD Cosmetics – enjoy radiant skin
CBD cosmetics Hempking  are perfect for everyday skin care. They are suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin, as well as those suffering from eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

The cosmetics are 100% natural, cannot be genetically modified, and are of flawless biological purity.
We obtain cannabinoid CBD only from proven crops where no chemicals are used.
Each of our products is dermatologically tested, as evidenced by our approvals and certificates.
Hemp cosmetics – what will you find here?
Our line of CBD cosmetics for care is constantly being expanded. For now, you can find it here:

CBD hemp ointment
CBD hemp pudding peeling
hemp CBD yoghurt mousse
CBD hemp oil mousse
Natural hemp deodorant in cream with CBD

Ecology and nature together!

Our cosmetic products are packed to the brim in glass jars with aluminum caps. The zero waste idea made us want our packaging to be reusable! In addition, the CBD cosmetics from our offer have not been tested on animals, and the ingredients that we have obtained to create them did not contribute to the suffering of animals in any way.

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The role of CBD cosmetics in caring for the condition of the skin

Regular use of CBD cosmetics allows you to maintain a beautiful skin and radiant glow. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients of natural origin and the use of the highest quality CBD cannabinoid, our hemp cosmetics have a very wide spectrum of use. They will prove useful in everyday skin care, even the sensitive or problematic skin.

They have been enriched with natural active ingredients, such as shea butter, grape seed oil, Monoi oil and many others. Thanks to this, hemp cosmetics have an even more positive effect on the skin. They allow you to restore its optimal level of hydration, and at the same time deeply nourish and give the skin the desired smoothness and flawless appearance.

The role of CBD cosmetics in caring for the condition of the skin

Your skin needs regular, loving care

Your skin needs regular, loving care

Did you know that your skin is exposed to a number of unfavorable external factors that may adversely affect its condition? Pollution, UV radiation, stress, insufficient sleep or an unhealthy diet – all this can make the skin lose its glow and become increasingly dry. CBD hemp cosmetics is a completely natural way to care for the skin and restore its beautiful, radiant appearance.

Hemp cosmetics will also work well in the event of skin imperfections.

Allow yourself to change your care routine into a ritual to relax all your senses. Check out our hemp cosmetics and choose something for yourself!