CBD dried hemp

Dry hemp is a product for vaporization, but also for preparing infusions, inhalations, and adding to dishes. It is naturally dried hemp, obtained from proven crops.
In our offer you will find both finely ground CBD dried and premium dried in 4 versions.

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What is CBD dry hemp?

Our CBD hemp is a hemp herb that we collect, sort and dry by hand with attention to every detail. It is a product with the full spectrum of valuable cannabinoids, but does not show any psychoactive or intoxicating effects. CBD + hemp drought can serve you in several ways, making it one of the most versatile and most frequently purchased products in our offer. CBD + hemp is a source of naturally occurring flavonoids, phenols and terpenes.

Would you like to start your adventure with cannabinoids, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a product that will introduce you to the extremely precious world of hemp in a gentle but very pleasant way? Meet our CBD hemp, a herb from carefully selected sources that will be a beautiful start to your cannabinoid adventure. A herbal infusion, a relaxing bath, steam inhalation … or maybe a cup of delicious, aromatic tea? Discover our products, available in several versions.

How to use dried CBD hemp?

The herb, dried CBD hemp, can be used in several ways. By far the most popular method of its use is the preparation of aromatic teas and infusions. You can also use hemp drought with CBD to prepare a relaxing bath, just pour a few spoons directly into warm water. However, if you value fast action and a stronger effect, use our premium hemp hemp for vaporization (steam inhalation), thanks to which you will feel its amazing properties in a few moments.

How do we obtain hemp drought from CBD?

We attach great importance to the production of dried CBD. We choose only Polish, proven crops that are not disturbed by chemicals. We use hemp inflorescence to produce premium dried herbs, and we also add hemp leaves to CBD + tea. We do not use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, which confirms biological purity. Our dried hemp CBD + is a 100% natural product, which is confirmed by tests and approvals.

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