Hemp market in Romania

Hemp market in Romania

Hemp in Romania has a very long history and its cultivation was once an important part of the country’s economy. Today, there is a gradual revival of the hemp industry in that country, but it is still a long way from the levels of the 1980s. The market for...

CBD and medicine

CBD and medicines – is it safe?

Cannabidiol is a harmless chemical compound that is a component of hemp. Any use of hemp oil or other commercially available supplements containing CBD to supplement a balanced diet, by a person leading a healthy lifestyle, does not cause any negative effects on the human body, but the situation...

CBD and THC in France

CBD and THC products in France

For some time, CBD products in France had an unclear legal status, which caused many hemp companies to go out of business. The reason was that the French law assumed that food products could only contain isolated cannabidiol, which made for many contentious issues in their production. Is CBD legal...


CBN – What is it?

Among the palette of the many phytosubstances found in cannabis, there are about 100 different cannabinoids – more and less common. Cannabinol, despite being the first to be discovered, is one of those lesser known and also less researched compounds compared to CBD or THC. What exactly is CBN...

how to use CBD crystals

CBD crystals – how to use

Have you ever heard of CBD crystals? Or maybe today is just the first time you’ve heard of them? We want to show you what CBD crystal really is, how to use this product and where it actually comes from. Is it an artificial product? Maybe it’s something inedible?...

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