THC and CBD in Austria

Austria and hemp – Legal status

The status of marijuana (THC) and CBD in Austria is quite complicated, as the current regulations fall into the so-called “gray zone”. Although trade and production are theoretically strictly prohibited, possession of cannabis for personal use and cultivation of a small amount of cannabis is not prosecuted by the...

CBD and THC in Lithuania

Hempking | Hemp, CBD and THC in Lithuania

After the European Commission announced a liberal approach to CBD in 2021, specifically removing cannabidiol from the list of narcotic substances and treating it like a food from now on, there have been quite a few regulatory changes. Countries such as Lithuania have had to relax their hemp and...

Hemp market in Romania

Hemp market in Romania

Hemp in Romania has a very long history and its cultivation was once an important part of the country’s economy. Today, there is a gradual revival of the hemp industry in that country, but it is still a long way from the levels of the 1980s. The market for...

CBD and medicine

CBD and medicines – is it safe?

Cannabidiol is a harmless chemical compound that is a component of hemp. Any use of hemp oil or other commercially available supplements containing CBD to supplement a balanced diet, by a person leading a healthy lifestyle, does not cause any negative effects on the human body, but the situation...

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