greenwashing or Eco-scam

Eco-scam or greenwashing

Greenwashing is certainly the answer to the contemporary trend of "being eco." Eco-friendly clothing, eco cosmetics, eco-friendly cleaning products, and above all, eco food are highly desirable today among increasingly conscious and demanding consumers. However, greenwashing is definitely not the answer to the ecological needs of customers; on the...

hemp plastic is eco-friendly

Eco-friendly hemp plastic

Hemp cultivation is a plant with an extremely wide range of applications, from food products and cosmetics to textiles and a raw material known as hemp plastic. The cultivation and production processes make these products environmentally friendly. The Cannabis sativa L. plant is not demanding in cultivation, requiring little...

houses built from hemp

Hemp houses

Buildings from hemp? It sounds like an abstraction, but it turns out to be another application of this exceptional plant that has enormous potential. Although we've known about hempcrete, a building material made from hemp and lime, since the 1980s, building with hemp is still a rather unconventional method....

Why should you use hemp flour in cooking

Why use hemp flour in cooking?

Among the recently popular superfoods, hemp seed-based foods have emerged, including protein, oil, hulled seeds, and flour. These are products incredibly rich in nutrients and very tasty. Among them, hemp flour also appears, a somewhat mysterious product because it is not the flour we know, sticky and forming a...

Standardization and DER

DER and Standardization

Many supplements and medications contain herbal extracts with various health benefits for the entire body. Unfortunately, what the manufacturer declares on the packaging isn't always accurately reflected in the product. Therefore, this article provides insights into how to check the quality of products and what to consider when purchasing...

The Delegalization of CBD in Hong Kong

Delegalization of CBD in Hong Kong

While the world marvels at the broad therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, Hong Kong considers this substance a dangerous narcotic. CBD, widely available throughout Europe and the USA as a dietary supplement, has also enjoyed considerable popularity in China. Unfortunately, many hemp entrepreneurs in Hong Kong must now close their...

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