CBD vs. Law

The Delegalization of CBD in Hong Kong

Delegalization of CBD in Hong Kong

While the world marvels at the broad therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, Hong Kong considers this substance a dangerous narcotic. CBD, widely available throughout Europe and the USA as a dietary supplement, has also enjoyed considerable popularity in China. Unfortunately, many hemp entrepreneurs in Hong Kong must now close their...

THC and CBD in Sweden

CBD and THC in Sweden

The situation of the hemp industry (CBD and THC) in Sweden is an example of the fact that even in communal Europe there are countries that have a very individualistic approach to hemp. The current descendants of the Vikings, great supporters of hemp, have changed their approach to the...

THC and CBD in Luxembourg

CBD and THC in Luxembourg

Transparent regulations and a tax haven are just some of Luxembourg's assets, attracting entrepreneurs. Hemp businesses are also growing rapidly there. Luxembourg has a fairly liberal policy regarding the conduct of hemp businesses, as well as the consumption of CBD and THC. What do Luxembourg's laws say about fiber...

THC and CBD in Latvia

CBD and THC in Latvia

The legal situation of the hemp sector, especially CBD and THC in Latvia, is not clear. On the one hand, Latvia respects community regulations on hemp, while on the other hand, the CBD industry still operates in a gray zone. The high popularity of marijuana use among citizens is...

Novel Food and CBD in Poland

CBD and Novel Food in Poland

The market for CBD products is not only for popular oils - cannabidiol is also an ingredient in food products, beverages or cosmetics. Their popularity is constantly growing, while manufacturers are outdoing themselves in coming up with new and interesting formulas. However, not everyone knows that products with CBD...

Leukemia, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's, and CBD oils Illegal claims

Leukemia, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's, and CBD oils? Illegal claims

CBD oil cures cancer! CBD oil cures you of depression, neurosis and anxiety! CBD oil reverses diabetes! CBD oil for Alzheimer's! Sound familiar? Have you seen this somewhere before? These are just some of the article headlines or promises used by CBD product sellers and manufacturers. And officially...it's not true, and those promulgating such...

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