CBD vs. Law

Hemp market in Romania

Hemp market in Romania

Hemp in Romania has a very long history and its cultivation was once an important part of the country’s economy. Today, there is a gradual revival of the hemp industry in that country, but it is still a long way from the levels of the 1980s. The market for...

CBD and THC in France

CBD and THC products in France

For some time, CBD products in France had an unclear legal status, which caused many hemp companies to go out of business. The reason was that the French law assumed that food products could only contain isolated cannabidiol, which made for many contentious issues in their production. Is CBD legal...

Thailand cbd thc

Marijuana legal in Thailand

In late January 2022, the Thai government decided to remove marijuana (cannabis) from the list of drugs. This means that Thailand legalized marijuana for recreational use, and also allowed for the production of various foods or cosmetics containing it. Officially, marijuana in Thailand is expected to be legal about 4...

italy marijuana cbd

Is marijuana legal in Italy?

More and more European countries are deciding to change their laws with respect to legalizing marijuana. A serious step has already been taken by Germany and Luxembourg as well as Malta. It is estimated that big changes in this area are also being prepared by the Netherlands. And what is the situation...

legalization of thc in malta

Legalization of marijuana in Malta

The government of Malta was the first in the European Union to decide to legalize the cultivation and possession of marijuana for personal use. According to the bill, Maltese adults will be allowed to carry up to 7 grams of cannabis and grow up to four bushels of the plant...

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