CBD vs. Law

Laws on THC and CBD in Slovenia

Laws on CBD and THC in Slovenia

The appearance of hemp regulation in Slovenia is a perfect example of how strong public approval of hemp consumption is not enough to force the government to liberalize regulations. The legal situation of the CBD industry is currently quite complicated, causing many players to operate in the so-called gray zone....

Can you drive after CBD

Driving after CBD

In principle, CBD driving should not raise any concerns. After all, we are dealing with a substance that is legal in Poland and throughout the European Union, namely cannabidiol. However, there are growing doubts about whether CBD affects driving ability and whether it can make you fail a police drug...

Cannabis in Switzerland

Cannabis law in Switzerland

The situation of the hemp industry in different parts of the world certainly depends on the politics in a country and the favorability of the authorities to the subject of hemp. Switzerland's regulations on the plant are among the most progressive in the world. The country is an excellent example...

CBD and THC - Cannabis law in Finland

Cannabis law in Finland - CBD and THC

As a member of the EU, Finland meticulously follows EU guidelines for hemp legislation. Both CBD and THC are permitted substances, but only in certain cases and as long as products containing them meet certain legal requirements. The Finnish people have further expressed a desire to significantly ease regulations on...

CBD and THC in Cyprus

THC and CBD in Cyprus

The warm climate and plenty of sunshine are assets that the Cypriot government has decided to use for more than just the tourism industry. It is one of the few European countries that has already legalized the possibility of growing medical marijuana on its soil. This doesn't quite go hand...

Hemp policy in Belgium

Cannabis policy in Belgium

Looking at the standards of cannabis regulation in various European countries - Belgium is an example of a rather specific approach to the subject. In the case of CBD, which is a potentially legal and non-psychoactive substance, as well as THC, which exhibits psychoactive effects, Belgian law diverges from the...

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