CBD oil color

Color of a CBD oil

More and more CBD oils are appearing on the CBD market with varying colors. Consumers often ask themselves: what is the correct color of CBD oil? It turns out that depending on the type of extract, the type of extraction or the base substance used, CBD oils can have...

properties of broccoli

What are the properties of broccoli?

Broccoli is a variety of cabbage, otherwise known as green cauliflower. It has been in our kitchen for a very long time, but we can also find it in dietary supplements and food additives. This green vegetable surprises us with its phenomenal and irreplaceable taste, as well as its...

the types of hemp

What are the types of hemp?

Hemp is one of the most widely used plants in the world, the most popular crop on the planet, and has been known since the beginning of Old World civilization. Their first traces of use date back to the Neolithic period, a period of more than 3,000 years BC....

Can you read CBD oil concentrations

How to read CBD oil concentrations?

Some manufacturers of hemp oils with phytonutrients, or CBD oils, list cannabinoid concentrations in milligrams, rather than in percentages, as we at Hempking do. This is to give the exact amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in a given product, regardless of the package size. You can find concentrations like 500...

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