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the best plant-based protein nutrients

Ranking of the best plant-based protein nutrients

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Plant protein is an alternative to animal protein. Just as the name suggests, it is made from plants. It can be a protein from a single plant or a mix of different plants. Such protein will be suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as it not only does not contain any meat derivatives, but also zoonotic products (i.e. milk, honey, etc.). Plant protein can serve as a dietary supplement, when you want to add a little more protein to your meals. It can also be a great addition to meals for both adults and children. Plant proteins are not products exclusively for vegans and vegetarians. They can be used by all people who want to provide themselves with more protein with their diet.

Protein is an extremely important building block in our bodies and is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It contains amino acids that are responsible for a number of functions and processes that occur in our body. Some plant proteins, unfortunately, cannot match those of animal origin and do not contain all the valuable essential amino acids. However, there are complete plant proteins that contain the full profile of essential amino acids, i.e. those that our body cannot produce on its own and we must supply it from outside, with food. Such an example of a vegan complete protein, for example, is hemp protein. That’s why we decided to create a ranking of the best proteins you’ll find in our store!

Vege ranking of plant proteins (vege)

Below you will find a ranking of the best proteins, which are different variants of hemp proteins, that is, proteins that are full-flavored. The protein ranking is designed to help you choose the right product for you and match your individual needs with ease. All the proteins that our ranking of the best proteins describes are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Hemp proteins contain such amino acids as:

  • phenylalanine,
  • methionine,
  • threonine,
  • valine,
  • isoleucine,
  • leucine,
  • tryptophan,
  • lysine,
  • histidine.

They are characterized by good absorption and, above all, high resistance to heat treatment. They do not lose their properties when boiled, baked or fried, so they can be combined with many hot meals or desserts, such as pancakes and cakes. In addition, they contain omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids in proportions that perfectly match the needs of the human body.

Take a look at our ranking of proteins that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and choose the best one for you!

Białko konopne Detox 250 g HempKing

BIO hemp protein Detox – 250 g

BIO hemp protein Detox, is a protein with ingredients such as BIO hemp protein, BIO spirulina, BIO kale, BIO broccoli, BIO spinach, BIO beet, BIO turmeric, BIO chlorella.

Detox’s BIO hemp protein is an extremely valuable product that offers much more than just providing plant-based protein to your daily diet. Its unique composition contains a high content of hemp protein, which has been further enriched with beneficial ingredients such as spirulina and chlorella. These unique algae, known for their detoxifying properties, can help cleanse our bodies of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

But that’s not all! Also included in the composition of this protein is turmeric, which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties and its ability to boost the body’s immunity and anti-inflammatory effects. Turmeric is also known for its positive effects on the condition of the skin, helping to keep it looking healthy from the inside.

In addition, the product has been enriched with a variety of vegetables, such as kale, broccoli, spinach and beet. These vegetables provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are extremely important for our health and well-being.

As a result, Detox’s BIO Hemp Protein is a comprehensive solution that not only provides us with essential plant protein, but also helps to cleanse the body, boost immunity, care for the skin and provide valuable nutrients and anti-inflammatory effects. It is an excellent choice for those who care about a healthy and balanced diet and want to provide their bodies with everything they need to function properly.

Protein content [g] in 100 g: 44 g

Carbohydrate content [g] in 100 g: 14 g

Fat content [g] in 100 g: 7.9 g

certyfikat białka konopnego

BIO hemp protein – 250g

BIO hemp protein is 100% hemp seed protein, without any additives. It is created from organic hemp seed.

Natural hemp protein is not only a source of valuable protein, but also rich in fiber, which supports the proper functioning of the digestive system. It also acts as an excellent ally in the fight against excessive snacking, giving a feeling of satiety for longer.

BIO hemp protein is an excellent source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes, contributing to our overall health.

In addition, hemp protein also contains important vitamin E, the presence of which, combined with unsaturated fats, helps the body better absorb nutrients. As a result, our skin looks radiant and healthy.

BIO hemp protein is considered a complete protein due to the presence of exogenous amino acids, i.e. those that our body cannot produce on its own and we must supply with food.

Choosing organic hemp protein to supplement a diet devoid of potentially allergenic ingredients is a safe way to enrich our menu, especially for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Protein content [g] in 100 g: 50 g

Carbohydrate content [g] in 100 g: 5.2 g

Fat content [g] in 100 g: 11

Bio białko konopne vege complex 250 g

BIO Hemp Protein Vege Complex – 250 g

BIO Hemp Protein Vege Complex is a unique product consisting of four different plant proteins: 25% comes from hemp protein, 25% is BIO pea protein, BIO pumpkin protein and 25% BIO rice protein.

This high-end plant protein powder not only has a great taste, but also provides the perfect variety to your diet, whatever it may be.

This complex blend of various plant proteins not only provides a unique taste, but also provides the body with valuable vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for complex products, this 100% organic protein complex is sure to meet your expectations. In addition, inside the jar you will find a measuring cup made of biodegradable materials, which makes it easy to measure the perfect portion.

Nowadays, when many products are full of chemicals, pesticides and harmful ingredients, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the food we eat. Vege Complex’s BIO Hemp Protein comes from 100% organic, chemical-free farming. It is also certified EU Organic, which confirms its high quality. The ingredients of Hemp Protein Vege Complex have been selected to provide an abundance of protein to your diet, while ensuring palatability and proper properties.

In addition, BIO hemp protein Vege Complex also contains fiber, which aids digestion and benefits the digestive system. As a result, we feel satiated for longer and can say goodbye to unhealthy snacking between meals.

Protein content [g] in 100 g: 69 g

Carbohydrate content [g] in 100 g: 3.8 g

Fat content [g] in 100 g: 8.2 g

Białko konopne kakaowe 250g HempKing

BIO hemp protein – cocoa – 250 g

Cocoa-flavored BIO hemp protein is made from 80% organically grown hemp seed and 20% organic cocoa. This unique combination provides a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, an important source of healthy fats.

This hemp protein is also rich in fiber and complete amino acids, making it an excellent source of protein with a complete amino acid profile. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for both vegans and vegetarians.

Not only does it offer a unique taste with cocoa accents, but it also provides many benefits for your body. Cocoa BIO hemp protein is produced at low temperatures, so it retains its valuable nutrients. Among them is an abundance of fiber, which supports proper metabolism and healthy bowel function. In addition, with cocoa-flavored hemp protein, you can keep the feeling of satiety for longer, which can help prevent snacking between meals.

Cocoa BIO hemp protein is also a source of unsaturated omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which play an important role in taking care of the circulatory system and protecting against diseases of civilization, such as heart attack. In addition, the presence of these acids supports the absorption of vitamin E, which is naturally present in hemp protein. This vitamin has a positive effect on the appearance of our skin, contributing to its healthy appearance.

BIO hemp protein with cacao is a complete protein, containing amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own and therefore we need to supply them from outside. Choosing BIO hemp protein is a great way to enrich your diet with a plant-based protein that does not cause allergies, unlike some other types of protein, such as soy protein.

Protein content [g] in 100 g: 46 g

Carbohydrate content [g] in 100 g: 7 g

Fat content [g] in 100 g: 11 g

Białko konopne Active 250g HempKing

BIO Active hemp protein – 250 g

BIO Active Hemp Protein is a unique composition of ingredients that together form a vitality-filled, comprehensive formula. It contains 50% hemp protein, and the remaining ingredients are a carefully selected set of organic ingredients that are designed to provide a multi-faceted effect. Among them you will find ingredients such as BIO turmeric, BIO ginger, BIO ashwaghanda (Withania somnifera), BIO baobab, BIO banana, BIO broccoli, BIO spinach, BIO beet, BIO kale and BIO lucuma.

This remarkable hemp protein is not only an excellent source of plant-based protein powder to enrich your diet. It’s also a high-quality product made from organic ingredients that have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties.

There are a variety of ingredients in the composition of BIO Hemp Protein Active. In addition to hemp protein, which forms the basis of the product, adaptogens such as Ashwagandha can be found to support the body’s balance. In addition, vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, beet and kale are present in the formula to provide valuable nutrients. Fruits such as banana, baobab and lucuma bring flavor and nutritional value to the concoction. Spices such as ginger and turmeric, which have powerful health-promoting properties, are also added to round out the whole.

With this rich combination of ingredients, BIO Hemp Protein Active not only provides essential nutrients, but also supports immunity by adding valuable vitamins to the diet. Adaptogens such as Ashwagandha can help boost vitality and endurance. In addition, vegetables and fruits provide a variety of nutrients that are important for the proper functioning of the body.

BIO Hemp Protein Active is therefore not only an excellent source of protein, but also a comprehensive supplement that affects our body in various aspects. By choosing this product, we can enjoy not only nutritional benefits, but also support for our immune system, vitality and stamina.

Protein content [g] in 100 g: 32 g

Carbohydrate content [g] in 100 g: 26 g

Fat content [g] in 100 g: 6.1 g

We hope that our ranking of the best proteins that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and are also described as complete proteins, will help you make the right choice for your needs.

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