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is cleansing the body from toxins worth it

Cleansing the body from toxins - is it worth it?

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Autumn is the perfect time to detoxify the body from toxins. A person is saturated with vitamins and micronutrients from fruits and vegetables, available in season in a variety of colors and flavors. Many hours spent in the sunshine make his immunity ready to face the challenges that will come with the gradual deterioration of the weather. So it’s worth taking advantage of the October days for a process that will add vitality and make each of us feel great in our bodies.

Detoxing the body from toxins – what does it mean?

The human body intelligently removes unnecessary metabolic products through several routes – through the exhaled air, through the skin coating with sweat, and with urine and feces. There are many situations in which the process of detoxifying the body from toxins does not take place properly: it is the presence of chronic stress, generated by the high pace of life in a polluted environment; a deficient diet that lacks nutrients or micronutrients that are necessary for metabolic processes to take place; it is also the sleep deficiency that accompanies young parents or people who are on the road a lot of the time.
Under the above circumstances, the body’s detoxification from toxins can slow down or its pathways will be disrupted – this is associated with the appearance of many troublesome symptoms. A person affected by the problem of accumulation of toxins in the body is overtired, sluggish, finds it difficult to achieve a state of relaxation, and needs increasing doses of stimulants to start the day. Fortunately, nature comes to our aid – there are many home remedies to speed up the process of removing harmful metabolites, toxins and heavy metals. Detoxification includes a carefully selected easy-to-digest menu supplemented with algae, live vinegars, unrefined oils and organic herbs.

Cleansing the body of heavy metals – the extraordinary power of algae

Algae is an exceptional superfood, while providing a range of vitamins, amino acids and phytochemicals that have beneficial effects on a number of systems. What for cleansing the body of toxins? Spirulina and chlorella – the detox will take off in full swing, as this unique combination is second to none in terms of versatility.
Spirulina, which is an excellent source of protein, linoleic and linolenic acid, contains a huge amount of valuable micronutrients such as selenium, manganese, zinc, iron, as well as a set of vitamins: A, B, C, D, E and K. It is used as a supportive element for cleansing the body of heavy metals, such as arsenic. Its effective action is confirmed by numerous clinical studies.
Chlorella – it gained its cleansing properties due to its unique structure. Having a thick cell wall, impossible to digest, it acts like a magnet for all the toxic compounds that bind on its surface. As a result, it works like a broom removing all lingering deposits from inside the intestines. Its power is also related to the presence of chlorophyll – it perfectly supports the immune system in action, due to its antibacterial effect.

Is it possible to combine chlorella with spirulina?

Chlorella and spirulina – reviews about them are usually very positive! They are a perfect duo – their properties complement each other. Together they provide extraordinary support for accelerating metabolic processes occurring in the human body. They comprehensively strengthen the stressed body, allowing you to easily enrich your diet with easily digestible protein and minerals.

Chlorella and spirulina – side effects.

For those who have never been in contact with algae, it is worth introducing them gradually, starting with small portions – this will allow you to easily catch possible intolerances. Despite the fact that they are extremely valuable products, they can – just like any other type of food – cause allergic reactions. Other side effects that can occur with the use of algae relate to the rapid detoxification process of the body. When detoxification is in full swing, many people feel temporary weakness in the initial phase – headaches, a change in the rhythm of bowel movements, more intense sweating appear. In such a situation, it is worth consulting a specialist to correct the amounts of supplements you consume and pay special attention to hydration (it is also worth supporting yourself with electrolytes).

Algae preparations – for whom?

Algae are a great part of a balanced diet for anyone – whether an athlete who trains competitively every day, or a teenager who needs huge amounts of easily digestible protein for proper growth. People on vegan and vegetarian diets also have a positive opinion of chlorella and spirulina – they are a great way to provide many valuable ingredients at the same time. Spirulina lowers blood pressure and cholesterol – so it will find its supporters among people struggling with the risk of cardiovascular disease. It reduces the risk of cancer, and is great for nourishing a weakened body struggling with chronic diseases. Chlorella – cleansing properties will be appreciated by smokers and people wishing to deal with a hangover, it will help maintain a healthy weight and deal with anemia.

Algae – where to buy?

Algae is worth buying from a reliable source – stationary in a health food store or in an online store, which is tantamount to a guarantee of quality and preservation of proper storage conditions. Specialists are happy to provide additional guidance on the various ways to use a particular product, or provide the relevant certificates given to individual supplement manufacturers.

Algae – price

The price varies depending on the form of the supplement and the size of the package. The final cost also consists of the presence of relevant certificates, confirming the high quality of the product. For example, 120 g of chlorella bio costs about 35 PLN, spirulina bio – about 25 PLN for the same capacity. Below are high-quality preparations, which are delivered within 48 hours of ordering:

BIO Spirulina Biowen

The highest quality algae – properties are due to the content of a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is a support of the nervous system, protection of the cardiovascular system, stimulation of immunity and a natural antioxidant. In powdered form, they can be used as an addition to a smoothie, as well as an ingredient in a mask applied to the skin – they will give the skin a radiant appearance and accelerate wound healing.

BIO Chlorella Biowen

Green algae – properties that improve the detoxification process and stimulate proper immune system reactions are related to its unique structure and high chlorophyll content. Chlorella is a natural source of minerals that can relieve bothersome digestive problems.

BIO Algae detox

Spirulina and chlorella are detox, but not only. It is a comprehensive support for the body – modulating immunity, restoring proper digestion, normalizing weight, strengthening and nourishing at the cellular level.

What else for cleansing the body of toxins? Home remedies

It is worth including organic herbs in the repair and regeneration plan – on cleansing the body of toxins they have a considerable impact, although in recent years their power is much less talked about. Inconspicuous plants, growing wild in our backyards, provide extraordinary support and protection for the delicate structures of internal organs, subjected to strenuous work. Thistle, especially in the form of ground powder, is very easy to smuggle into a smoothie or add to ground meat – used regularly, it will contribute to the formation of new, healthy liver cells and reduce inflammation occurring within the liver. Dandelion will stimulate bile secretion, thus improving digestion processes and increasing the ability to utilize nutrients supplied with food. It will also lower high blood sugar levels and bring glucose spikes under control. Nettle used in the form of an infusion of leaves has a diuretic effect – the tendency to accumulate water will be reduced, and thus swelling will cease and swelling will disappear. In a period of increased susceptibility to infection, it is also worth including purgative, which is a great support for the immune system – in addition to anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects, it accelerates the cleansing of the body of toxins.

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