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Cannabis festivals in Europe

Hemp festivals in Europe

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Cannabis festivals dedicated to promoting hemp and its products are known for their interesting, unique character. Some of them, such as the Cannabis Cup, have gone down in history as legendary events. Anyone interested in the development of the hemp industry, as well as lovers of hemp and healthy lifestyles, could certainly feel inspired at such an event. Hemp festivals are not just a forum of exhibitor booths. They are also interesting lectures, workshops, live music, a place where we can learn about scientific and technological innovations, and marvel at the versatility of the plant hemp.

There are at least a dozen hemp festivals in Europe every year, the most important being Cannafest, Spanabis or Mary Jane Berlin. In our home backyard, there is also no shortage of events of European scope: these include Kanaba Fest and Weed Fest. Both Polish and foreign events are recording increasing popularity year after year, which is an optimistic sign of growing interest in hemp among the public.

Kanaba Fest

This is one of the first hemp festivals organized in Poland. This year (2022) the event was held for the sixth time, so it is not surprising that it is quite popular with exhibitors from Poland and abroad – this year more than 40 exhibitors joined in. Kanaba Fest does not have a fixed place where it is held. The fair is held in a different location every year – this year’s hemp festival was held in Gdansk’s Plenum, and last year it was organized in Warsaw’s Praga district. The organizers describe their fair as the largest event of its kind in Poland:

“The most interesting brands in the industry exhibit at our fair, during which they showcase their innovative assortment, share their knowledge and experience. Come, see and listen. At Kanaba Fest, you can personally talk to exhibitors and get special trade show offers.”

The Kanaba Fest fair is a great opportunity to expand your horizons when it comes to hemp. The event features lectures and workshops on hemp topics in health, law, spirituality, culinary and all other sectors where hemp can be used to benefit humans and the planet. The event invites nationally known experts to share their knowledge and experiences during their lectures and panels. The event is open to visitors of all ages, with the organizers promoting it as a family event. Admission for visitors is paid and costs about PLN 15 per day.

Weed Fest

Warsaw’s iconic hemp festival, which will be held in the capital for the third time. It’s a slightly younger event compared to Kanaba Fest, but it’s an equally important event and certainly very attractive in terms of the diversity of exhibitors. The organizers describe their event as a festival related to the hemp industry in the broadest sense. Their goal is to showcase a wide range of different hemp products that allude to the plant’s multiple uses. During the event, you can also listen to interesting lectures from hemp industry experts specializing in various fields: medical, cosmetic, clothing, construction, food, industrial or veterinary. In addition to the educational zone, there are other attractions, such as the Miss Fair election. Among the exhibitors, you can meet in particular manufacturers and distributors of: CBD oils and dried, seeds, cosmetics, ointments, creams, CBD preparations for animals, food, drinks and teas, hemp-related accessories and gadgets, indoor growing systems, clothing manufacturers or representatives of the hemp construction industry. Admission for attendees is paid and costs PLN 10 for 1 day and PLN 15 for 2 days of the fair.

Mary Jane Berlin

Known throughout Europe, the Berlin fair, despite the fact that it has been organized since 2016 (with a break in 2020 due to pandemic restrictions) has already managed to make a name for itself as one of the most important events of its kind in Europe. The scale of the event is much larger than the Polish fair – the last event was attended by as many as 120 exhibitors from all over the world, while the exhibition area was more than 20 thousand square meters. Mary Jane is not only a perfectly organized exhibition space, but also an event space – as befits Berlin, there is a rich music program. The event is accompanied by a recreational zone with a swimming pool, access to the beach on the Spree River, with concerts taking place on stage, interesting artists and DJs – thanks to this the fair enjoys a very high number of visitors, especially young Berliners and tourists. In addition to entertainment, at the fair you can also go to the lecture area and listen to interesting lectures, many of which are held in English. Participation in one day of the fair costs about €20 – quite a lot, but certainly the price is adequate for what the event offers visitors.


One of the oldest and largest hemp festivals in Europe. The organizers of the industry-famous Cannafest event refer to it as the International Fair of Hemp and Medicinal Herbs. The event is being held for the 11th time this year! Cannafest is organized in Prague, in several halls with a total area of 20,800 sqm, belonging to the PVA Expo Praha Letňany complex. Visitors can look forward to unique cannabis exhibitors in the field of cultivation technology, fertilizers, seeds, smoking accessories, vaporizers, cosmetic products, clothing or food products. The idea behind the fair from the very beginning is to fight for the legalization of hemp for medical and recreational use around the world – a conference is held during the fair, with media and event patrons discussing the topic. In addition to the conference, there are also interesting lectures and workshops. At the last, tenth edition of Cannafest, there were 240 exhibitors from 27 countries, while the total number of visitors was 31,228, the highest ever. Admission for 1 day of the fair costs between €10 and €15.

North Grow Expo

Definitely a noteworthy event of growing importance on the European stage and a definite leader among Scandinavian countries. Their hallmark is an interesting and very diverse speaker zone, where you can meet world experts in medical cannabis treatment, lawyers, businessmen and investors of global cannabis brands. The organizers’ main focus, however, is on the local level: their mission is to empower not only local cannabis companies, but also cannabis users, through information and knowledge sharing. And to bring cannabis into the mainstream of Scandinavian society and finally end prohibition in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. To this end, they are organizing an event to bring modern cannabis products, innovations to a mass audience. As standard, during the fair you can visit booths with cultivation equipment, smoking accessories, food, hemp cosmetics, seeds and much more. An entrance ticket for the 3 days of the fair costs about €15, while a conference pass is an expense of about €40.


This is an absolute legend and one of the most attractive hemp fairs in the world. The Spanish fair, held in sunny Barcelona, is not only one of the largest events of its kind, but also a real music festival, the International Hemp Forum and many other attractions. Spannabis is a fair event with a formula of interesting showrooms – places where new products or solutions in the hemp market are presented. It also combines educational, charitable, artistic and networking initiatives. Visitors have the opportunity to see up to 280 different booths, listen to several hundred distinguished experts in the hemp industry, take part in various workshops, demonstrations, concerts or performances. The educational part of the event has for several years been the responsibility of World Cannabis Conferences, which organizes lectures and conferences during the fair. Another attraction is the selection of the Spannabis Champions Cup, during which the most popular cannabis varieties in various categories are selected. The Spannabis Fair is an interesting event in an unrivaled environment. Admission for 1 day of the fair costs between €15 and €20.

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