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How to reuse HempKing jars

Zero Waste, meaning how to reuse HempKing jars?

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The issue of packaging always raises a lot of fuss, plastic is bad, glass also has its carbon footprint. It’s hard to find a perfect solution, and packaging is essential in many cases. Personally, I like to buy products in jars, especially ones for which I have a later use. Hemp King jars are great for reuse, the size is perfect for storing many kitchen products. I keep nuts, nuts, larger quantities of some spices, loose teas and many other products in them. They are also jars from which the label comes off easily, which is also important.

In my student apartment, mustard jars were my glassware, and I used larger jars as a vase, candle holder or desk organizer. Now I use the jars more often for homemade preserves or for organization in the kitchen.

Aesthetic home pantry in a zero waste climate

Food products stored in jars not only look nice, but are also well protected. When I open a package of porridge, rice, and legumes, I pour the rest into a jar to protect myself from food moths. This stored food stays fresh longer. I do the same with flour, nuts. In the glass it is good to see what we have on the shelf, or maybe we run out of something. I like this solution, jars of about 0,5-1 liter work best for kitchen cabinets. Jars of Hemp King products will work great. Packaging from cosmetics will work great for spices.

Jars in the refrigerator

These are also great food containers for the refrigerator. They keep odors from getting in, are easy to keep clean, and by the way, you can use them for a second or subsequent home run. I’m happy to leave myself smaller jars, in which I often give my friends some hummus or other vegetable dishes. They work well when there is leftover sauce or pesto.

Vase of jars for herbs

Herbs wilt quickly, not even storing them in the refrigerator will help, unless you set them in a jar of water. This will keep the herbs fresh for a long time.

In a jar with water you can also store, for example, sliced carrots or radishes so that they do not lose their firmness.

Preserves and condiments in jars of HempKing products

There is no point in buying new jars when we buy a lot of food products in glass. By doing so, we can save money and use the jars we have already bought. This is a great value for the environment. I have a favorite shape of jars that I’m more likely to choose in the store, these include the kind of jars in which you can buy Hemp King protein or hemp seeds. I always wash the jars, remove the label and store until I find a use for it. When I make homemade pickles or jam I always have some jars on hand and I recommend this solution.

Glasses – jars

I have several jars all the time that I use as glasses, in the summer I often drink a cocktail in them, or cap them and take them to go. It’s also easy to make lemonade in a jar and store it in the refrigerator.

Jars are useful not only in the kitchen, what else can you do with them?

Jars make good organizers for the bathroom, you can use them to store bobby pins, small cosmetic utensils, cotton balls.

You can also make homemade candles, or use the jar as a casing for candles you already have at home.

How to prepare a candle at home?

You need:

  • soy wax,
  • candle wicks, preferably cotton,
  • candle jars,
  • optional essential oils.

It is best to use small jars that you already have at home. For candles, small jars, such as those from Hemp King cosmetics, work best. Using a good glue, I attach the candle wick to the bottom and wrap it around the spoon so it stays straight and rests on the rim of the jar.

Then I melt the soy wax in a water bath, its melting point is 50 degrees, it should not be heated to more than 90 degrees.

When it cools down a bit we slowly fill our candles.

If you like scented candles the next step is to add essential oils. Depending on your preference, you can choose one or mix several oils together.

You can also add dried flowers to your candles, or spices such as cinnamon sticks. It all depends on your imagination and preferences 🙂

Using what we already have is the best way to reduce the garbage we produce. It’s worth remembering this and keeping it in mind when you want to get rid of something. If you don’t have any use for jars or other things from home, ask your friends if they have any use for them. There are more and more dividers – places where everyone can bring what they don’t need. You can bring things to such places, but also take something you find useful, for free. The idea of circulating equipment, clothes, books and even food that you have an excess of is a very good environmental day. I hope that the second circulation will gain popularity.


The article was written in collaboration with @ekocentryczka.

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