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Foreign celebrities and hemp

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As the popularity of hemp and cannabis grows in various countries around the world, more and more stars and celebrities are openly speaking about their support for the plant. In the past, many artists consumed cannabis without admitting it, due to fear of stigmatization. Today, in an era of growing social consent for hemp, celebrity involvement in efforts to promote the hemp plant continues to have a major impact on normalizing its image in the mainstream media. Sometimes a hemp ‘coming out’ can even be a warming of the celebrity’s own image. Meet some of the world’s most famous celebrities and show business figures who are strongly associated with hemp.

As cannabis use becomes increasingly popular, even legal in some countries, more of the world’s stars and celebrities are admitting to regular use of the plant. Scientists have proven some connection between cannabis use and increased creativity, an extremely desirable effect for all creatives or free thinkers. Cannabis is also a very popular plant among successful people, celebrities and stars, but not everyone had the courage to admit to using it. After the prohibition period in the US, the anti-cannabis propaganda that began in America reverberated around the world. Not surprisingly, few celebrities at the time chose to admit to consuming cannabis, as their image might have suffered. Today, as we know a lot more about cannabis and are beginning to take advantage of its medical properties, we can observe growing support for the plant among celebrities as well. Many of them not only communicate openly about their favor for hemp consumption, but also invest in the booming hemp industry. Many of them are starting their own hemp businesses, creating hemp brands in cooperation with various entities. In the US in particular, a surprising number of show business people are developing, creating and promoting hemp-related products. Their public support for the plant is influencing a radical change in the perception of cannabis use around the world.

Snoop Dogg

He is one of the leading artists associated with cannabis, who has openly spoken of his love for the plant back in the days when cannabis consumption was stigmatized. Snoop Dogg is a kind of iconic artist dedicated to the cause of cannabis advocacy on every front of his activities and most importantly – his work. He is a musician and rapper whose dizzying career began in the late ’90s, with a number of albums and singles to his credit, a collaboration with the famous California label Death Row Records and a collaboration with rapper Dr. Dre. In 2012 he joined the Rastafarian religion by taking the name “Snoop Lion”. To mark the occasion, he released the album “Reincarnated”, in which he describes his conversion and the role that cannabis has played in the rapper’s life. Snoop has been vocal about his pro-cannabis and pro-legalization views since the beginning of his career. In 2015, he co-founded Leafs by Snoop, a company specializing in dried hemp and food products with CBD and THC, in partnership with Tweed, a Canopy Growth company. The brand’s products are embedded in the laid-back vibe of sunny California, where the musician hails from. According to the rapper, “Leafs By Snoop” is one of the first mainstream commercial cannabis brands in the world.

Justin Bieber

A representative of the younger generation of musicians, he became known in the context of cannabis in 2021, when his new single “Peaches,” recorded in collaboration with Daniel Caesar and Giveon referring to cannabis, was released in March. It hit the top of the charts, a perfect preview for his new brand “PEACHES Pre-Rolls by Palms,” which was then launched. Part of Bieber’s campaign included a statement about his own experiences with cannabis and his recent mental health condition. The musician talked about his mental problems and how cannabis played a big role in restoring balance in him. He also focused a lot on the phenomenon of stigmatization of people who use cannabis for medical purposes. The “PEACHES Pre-Rolls by Palms” collection contains seven 0.5-gram pre-rolls containing high quality dried cannabis of various strains – indica, sativa, especially rich in citrus terpenes. Each pack contains a lighter with the word “Peaches.” Bieber also supports various charities with his venture. One of them is Veterans Walk and Talk, which advocates the medical use of cannabis among war veterans, and the Last Prisoner project, dedicated to criminal justice reform with regard to cannabis convictions.

Martha Stewart

Star of TV formats, model American housewife Martha Stewart has also taken an interest in the growing popularity of hemp in America. The author of TV shows and books on housekeeping, gardening and cooking has set her sights on promoting natural wellness products with CBD. In 2019, Martha Stewart partnered with Canopy Growth, a major cannabis and hemp brand in the US, to develop a line of CBD products. Stewart’s line offers CBD jelly, CBD oil, CBD cosmetics and CBD products for animals. Her products are made from 100% natural hemp grown in the US, while the flavors of the gels are taken from plants in her personal garden. The products hit store shelves in September 2020. For Martha, this is not just another business project; she places a strong emphasis here on improving people’s lives. In her own words: “CBD supplements are a simple way to improve one’s health and well-being,” especially when it comes to dealing with the stresses of everyday life.”


Although the artist doesn’t have her own cannabis brand, and her lyrics don’t touch on legalization of cannabis consumption, she is nevertheless regarded as an icon with strong ties to the plant. Rihanna is an eccentric artist who is not afraid to show her true self, nor does she shy away from showing her image. After an incident on the island of Barbados, during which the artist was thrown out of her hotel suite for smoking marijuana there, Rihanna openly displays her affection for hemp. Symbols of the hemp leaf regularly scroll through her closet, she often poses for photos with a twist, and the motif of smoking marijuana also appears in her music videos . Rihanna has not started any significant dialogue on the situation of cannabis or its consumers, rather she promotes a relaxed attitude towards the recreational use of the plant, herself admitting to using it too often. The artist’s inclination towards cannabis has resonated with the mainstream media.

Mike Tyson

An icon of American boxing, a heavyweight champion who competed from 1985 to 2005. In recent years, Mike Tyson has spoken openly about his problems with heavy drug and drug abuse, which ruined his life and health. The boxer claims that marijuana was the medicine that led him out of these addictions. In particular, he firmly believes that CBD is a powerful antidote to opiate addiction. His very personal relationship with cannabis and the positive effects of cannabis therapy made him want to share this experience with others. He set up his own brand to sell cannabis products such as pre-rolls and promote a resort called Tyson Ranch. Tyson, along with business partners Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, launched Tyson Ranch, a hemp resort located in California, in 2017. The resort includes a cannabis products factory, an amphitheater and an exclusive campground on a 40-acre plot of land in the desert region, about 60 miles from Death Valley National Park. Tyson Ranch packages and licenses flowers from respected hemp growers, offering the highest quality products. Both CBD-rich and THC-rich varieties are available. Its resort is intended to be a place for the free consumption of various cannabis varieties for research at their in-house research center there.

Whoopi Goldberg

The world-famous American actress, comedian and singer also took an interest in the hemp business after discovering the plant’s therapeutic properties herself. The actress, known for her roles in the films “Believe in the Spirit,” “The Color Purple” and “The Nun in Disguise,” founded Whoopi and Maya in 2016, along with a partner. Whoopi’s partner became Maya Elisabeth (creator and owner of Om Edibles, a hemp food company), who is well-known in the American hemp industry. Their joint brand Whoopi & Maya offers hemp products designed for women that contain cannabis extracts and CBD. A special line of products was created to relieve menstrual pain, difficult emotional states, PMS, headaches and other female ailments. The creators emphasize the feminist nature of the brand and its mission to support women in their daily lives.

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