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Piggy sztosy for HempKing

"Piggy sztosy" for HempKing 2021

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Our cosmetic products have been included in the venerable group of “Piggy Sztosy” of the year for another year in a row! This honor goes to cosmetics that the Piggypeg girls have used in a given year and rated very highly in many respects! For us, every recognition and appreciation of the quality, composition and effectiveness of our products is a great celebration. These are the pillars of our work! Find out which products were recognized by “Piggy Sztos” 2021 and meet the Piggypeg girls!

Who are Piggypeg?

Piggypeg is a project of two girls, Ania and Monica. Their main task is to analyze the composition of cosmetic products. Spreading the idea of conscious care and insightful analysis of products and breaking cosmetic and skin care myths! All this the girls support with research, their knowledge and cited reliable studies. As they say themselves – nothing is hidden from them! They share their knowledge on the blog in the form of an article. On YouTube. In posts on their social media accounts and in the form of a podcast! They contribute to ensuring that as many people as possible are informed consumers and can guide their well-being when reaching for cosmetics of various kinds.

“Piggy sztosy” – what is the distinction?

The products that are included in the annual “Piggy Sztos” are those that the Piggypeg girls have appreciated and found worth using, and its composition is just right! These are such cosmetic gems among the products that Monica and Ania had the opportunity to check, analyze and test. This is not a poll where you can buy votes. And a plebiscite in which the best products are judged by a jury that is knowledgeable about cosmetic compositions! What products are we talking about here?

What HempKing product got the Piggy Sztosy?

The full list of “Piggy Sztos” can, of course, be found on the Piggypeg website. There you will find plenty of well-known brands whose products have been recognized. And among them is our gem! The “Piggy Sztos” 2021 was our regenerating CBD foot serum with tea tree scent! It was among the 5 cosmetics for body care! The girls called our serum “one of the best products in this category”! You can hear about our foot cosmetic, as well as the other products, in Ania and Monica’s video, in which they describe in detail what they appreciate their chosen “Piggy Sztos” 2021 for.

In 2020, our CBD yogurt body mousse with forest fruit scent earned the Piggy Sztos title. We are even more pleased that for another year in a row our products have been awarded, as high-quality cosmetic products with good composition, effective and efficient! We are curious to see what this year will bring. Maybe again some decorations and awards for our products?

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