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Can you drive after CBD

Driving after CBD

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In principle, CBD driving should not raise any concerns. After all, we are dealing with a substance that is legal in Poland and throughout the European Union, namely cannabidiol. However, there are growing doubts about whether CBD affects driving ability and whether it can make you fail a police drug test? We have addressed these and other issues in the following text.

CBD and driving

In Poland and most European countries, products containing CBD are widely available without a prescription. A condition of their legality is that the level of psychoactive THC does not exceed 0.3%, a trace amount that does not cause a change in consciousness. But what if we consume a great deal of this oil? Many people wonder if it is possible to drive a car while using CBD supplementation? The answer to this question is not so obvious.

Is it possible to drive a car after CBD?

When studying the effects of CBD on driving, especially when it comes to cannabidiol in its pure form, there is no doubt that it does not have a psychotropic effect, so it does not interfere with a driver’s ability. The problem arises when CBD oils or other products are involved, containing the full spectrum of substances: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids. This is because such products contain THC, a component of hemp known for its consciousness-altering effects, that is, affecting driving ability. Fortunately, taking certified CBD products from manufacturers that have laboratory tests of THC concentrations does not expose us to the possibility of taking too much of this substance. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that the CBD market is still unregulated by law, so the manufacturer doesn’t have to perform any product testing, and the amount of THC declared on the package may in fact be higher. From time to time, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate monitors CBD manufacturers and posts warnings about products in which higher than legally permitted levels of tetrahydrocannabinol have been detected.

Is it safe to drive a car after taking CBD?

Generally, it is safe, but there are some exceptions. Keep in mind that if you take a CBD product from a manufacturer that does not disclose testing of the THC concentration in its product, you are potentially at risk of ingesting higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol. By law, a legally marketed hemp product cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. Theoretically, by using such a product as directed, we should not reach a concentration of the psychoactive ingredient to a level that alters our consciousness. CBD oil supplementation in the designated amounts is even able to improve concentration and attention while driving, as it tones the nervous system. The situation is different if we use very large amounts of such an extract, even if it has the legal percentage of THC. It may then slightly affect driving ability. Also, highly condensed extracts, for example CBD pastes containing 30, 40 or 50% CBD consumed in large portions can cause strong relaxation, lower blood pressure, relaxation and distraction. This is especially true for tired or stressed people. However, it is important to remember that the body’s reaction to large amounts of CBD can be very individual for different people. It’s worth checking first how you feel after taking the oil before getting behind the wheel. What is the issue of taking CBD oil and police control? If we follow the above rules, we have nothing to fear. Keep in mind that police tests do not detect CBD, only THC. So, using oils with tests confirming the amounts of individual cannabinoids, we can be sure that they do not have narcotic properties, nor do they have addictive effects. Used as intended, they do not interfere with the driver’s psychomotor abilities.

Can you take CBD before the driving test?

Taking CBD before a driving test can be a great idea. Cannabidiol promotes relaxation, lowers stress levels and can aid our attention and concentration on the road. On the other hand, you need to remember not to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended serving of CBD oil per kg of body weight and most importantly – to choose the right manufacturer. Only brands that present tests of their products for the content of the psychoactive compound from hemp can guarantee no effect on psychomotor functions. In other cases, taking CBD before an exam can prove risky and, for example, affect our awareness and attention by which we can be a danger on the road.

prowadzenie samochodu po cbd

Does CBD come out in drug tests?

If you consume CBD oil and will be inspected by police officers from the Traffic Department, theoretically there is nothing to fear. Police narcotests, if they are performed in your case, pick up the presence of THC, not CBD in the human body. So by consuming CBD, narcotests should not worry us? Not really. There is still a risk of exceeding the level of the psychoactive substance in a product with cannabidiol. This is possible for manufacturers who do not test the concentration of THC in their products. By taking such a product on a regular basis, even without experiencing a change in consciousness after consumption, it is possible to have a false positive drug test result. How is this possible? This is due to the fact that THC metabolites remain in the bloodstream for up to a dozen days, in urine and saliva for up to 30 days. It is not at all necessary to be under the influence of this substance to have exceeded limits. A drug test can come out positive once the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in the sample exceeds 50 ng per ml. Some very sensitive tests detect content as low as 20 nanograms. However, there is no reason for concern if we consume CBD oil that contains a legal content of 0.3% THC. Unless we are using very large portions, reaching up to 2,000 mg of CBD in the form of a full spectrum extract, we can rest assured.

cbd prowadzenie samochodu

Presence of THC in CBD products

All the fuss about police drug tests, and the possibility of getting a false positive, is related to the presence of THC in some CBD products. These are exclusively full-spectrum products, meaning they have all groups of phytochemicals contained in hemp, including the full suite of cannabinoids. As you know, THC, known for its psychoactive effects, is found in CBD products only in trace amounts. Of course, only if you choose products from trusted manufacturers that offer cannabinoid composition analysis. For those who are concerned about a positive drug test or cannot have THC in the bloodstream at all (such as professional athletes), we recommend choosing broad spectrum oils, which contain a similar set of phytosubstances as full spectrum, in addition to THC.

What CBD products can you drive after?

Basically – after all of them, since CBD is not a narcotic substance and does not affect driving ability. However, it is worth keeping in mind the possibility of exceeding the amount of the psychoactive compound in hemp oils from manufacturers who do not test their products. Analysis of the content of individual cannabinoids is not required by law, it is a good practice of some companies. Before consuming a hemp product, it’s a good idea to read the product and see if it contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can have a negative impact on focus behind the wheel.

CBD oil

The full spectrum version of the oil also contains THC. It should be within our power to check whether the manufacturer has tested its level in a laboratory. If he merely declares a legitimate level of the psychoactive substance, without proof in the form of an analysis from a laboratory, his product could be risky. When choosing CBD broad spectrum oils or isolates, we can rest assured – they contain no THC at all.

Dried CBD

Is it possible to drive a car after consuming dried CBD? Dried is the main raw material from which extracts such as CBD oils are made. It is therefore rich in all cannabinoids, including THC. If you smoke or vaporize dried CBD with more than 0.3% THC, you could expose yourself to legal problems and impair your psychomotor abilities. So it’s worth reaching for dried CBD that has been tested for tetrahydrocannabinol content.

CBD tea

Brewing hemp tea releases only trace amounts of cannabinoids. These compounds do not dissolve in water, so if you sip an infusion in EU-approved fiber hemp you can get behind the wheel with confidence afterwards.

CBD edible oil

Hemp seeds contain only trace amounts of cannabinoids. The oil made from them has small amounts of THC or CBD, but is instead a rich source of omega acids that improve concentration and brain function. So a salad with hemp cooking oil will be perfect before a long drive.

Beginning CBD use and driving – what to watch out for?

Before starting to use CBD preparations, it’s worth making sure you’re dealing with a reliable manufacturer. It should have analyses of the cannabinoid content of its products, including THC, which can affect driving ability. If the company has proof that CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, we can safely supplement with the product. It’s also a good idea to check what the manufacturer’s recommended daily servings of CBD are and stick to those amounts at the beginning of supplementation. Then, regular intake of the oil will not adversely affect our driving ability and the possibility of a positive drug test.

Summary – Driving after CBD

With the use of CBD oils becoming increasingly popular, many people are wondering how this compound can affect driving ability. It is worth knowing that cannabidiol is a fully legal substance that has no narcotic properties and does not alter consciousness. So is it always safe to take CBD before planning to drive a car? It turns out that it isn’t always. All due to the fact that in hemp, even the fibrous ones, you will find various compounds, including consciousness-altering ones. Of course, legally you can only consume cannabis whose THC level has not exceeded 0.3%, but there are exceptions. So whether CBD supplementation will keep a person’s THC levels too high depends on several things. To a large extent, it depends on which product one chooses. In Poland and other EU countries, CBD manufacturers are not required to send their products to a laboratory and test their composition. As a result, it may happen that you consume CBD oil with more THC than legally allowed. It’s always worth checking and inquiring about oil testing. Another issue is consuming extremely large portions of full spectrum oils. Especially if you are supplementing with a paste containing 30, 40 or 50% CBD. Portions of this size can not only expose us to the problem of a positive drug test for THC, simply consuming oil in excess of 2,000 mg can disrupt focus and cause other side effects. If we supplement with CBD oils tested for THC from a trusted manufacturer, in recommended, safe amounts, we can drive a car without a problem.

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