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Ranking of CBD HempKing oils

Ranking of HempKing CBD oils

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In our store you can find several types of CBD oils. They are divided not only by particular concentrations, but also by different phytonutrient content, natural additives such as vitamins or additional natural substances that support their properties. To make it easier to choose, here’s a ranking of the most frequently chosen CBD oils by our customers, along with all the differences that divide our products. We are sure that after reading this article, it will be easier for you to choose the right product for you!

1. Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5,10,15

Our most well-known hemp oil is full spectrum oils. We are talking about the Natural series, which includes three available concentrations of oils. This series of hemp products has been certified for Golden Cannabis quality. But full spectrum oils also include our BIO CBD oil in a concentration of 5% with organic certification. Full spectrum oils are oils that contain all the phytonutrients from hemp, the so-called full spectrum. They contain a natural abundance of everything hemp gives us, in every form.

We’ve put each of the above-mentioned oils in dark 10 ml bottles, along with a convenient pipette that allows you to measure precise portions!


2. CBD Oils 5,10,15 Broad Spectrum

The Gold Series is a series of broad spectrum CBD oils, which are those products that contain all the phytonutrients, but do not contain acceptable residues of THC or its other forms. These products are ideal for professional drivers, athletes or people undergoing regular testing for THC in their bodies. Our Gold series includes 3 concentrations of CBD oils, also standardized for CBN content. This is a unique series that has quickly become a particular favorite among our customers, ranking second only to our bestselling Full Spectrum oils.

Each oil is 10 ml, or about 200 drops of product, which can be conveniently consumed with the included dropper – just like our other CBD oils.

3. CBD oils 5% with vitamins D3, D3K2 and K2Mk7 from natto

CBD oils 5% with natural vitamins in three variations: with vitamin D3 alone, with D3+K2 and with vitamin K2MK7 alone! These CBD oils come in 5% concentration only and also contain the full spectrum of hemp phytonutrients. They will be great for people who appreciate convenient solutions and want to consume both hemp oil and their chosen vitamins in one serving. Vitamins D3 and K2 are fat-soluble vitamins, so their addition in hemp oil is a great option for increasing their bioavailability.

We’ve created these oils in a standard 10 ml capacity and labeled them with the appropriate vitamin portion counts on the package. This way you can easily adjust them to your needs.


4. 1% Full Spectrum CBD oils with various additives

These oils are the oils with the smallest concentrations of phytonutrients, also contain them in a full spectrum option. Thanks to their low concentrations, they are great for people who want to try CBD oils but have never used them before, for beginners or as a support to main hemp supplementation. You can find them in three options:

  • RAW – which is pure full spectrum oil at 1% concentration, with no additives.
  • Black pepper + turmeric, which is great for supporting the digestive system, skin or liver, thanks to this supplement.
  • Garlic + ginger, which will be a great addition to our ways of natural immune support or anti-inflammatory diet!

Each of these oils comes in a 10 ml capacity and contains 1% CBD and other phytonutrients in the full glory of hemp cannabinoids. Standard use is 1 drop, three times a day, under the tongue.

Each of our CBD oils is united by three pillars: high quality, guaranteed concentration and safety – we have tested them not only for the exact content of phytonutrients, but also for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals or fungi and mold!

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