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Why Hempking CBD oils
are so valuable?

Favourable price of CBD per 1 mg

Favourable price of CBD per 1 mg

High % cannabinoids per drop of Hempking oil.

Guarantee of CBD concentration

Guarantee of CBD concentration

The concentration marking on the packaging is the minimum amount of CBD - never less!

Rich profile of phytocannabinoids

Rich profile of phytocannabinoids

CBD oils are full spectrum and include CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, among others.

Olej Konopny - Hemp King
100% hemp nature

100% hemp nature

Hempking oils do not contain synthetic CBD, CBD isolate or pesticides.

Rich terpen profile

Rich terpen profile

We care about the high terpene content in our CBD oils.

Tests by independent laboratories

Tests by independent laboratories

The products are tested for phytonutrients, terpenes and heavy metals.

Sklep Konopny Hempking


Certified Polish seller of hemp products

In our hemp shop, you will find EU Organic-certified CBD oils, hemp food, dietary supplements and natural hemp cosmetics, among others.

All CBD products have appropriate approvals and certificates, each has been tested by independent laboratories in Poland. And all this is to ensure that the cannabis products we provide you with are of the highest quality! We work on the basis of three most important pillars. What are they?

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The highest quality hemp products 

n our store you can find the highest quality CBD products, hemp edibles and 100% natural hemp based cosmetics. All our units come from proven Polish crops. There are no chemicals, solvents, synthetic CBD, pesticides and herbicides in.

What hemp products do we have?

CBD hemp oils

As Polish producer our hemp store offers CBD Bio oils with the EU Organic certificate. This is a prestigious line of CBD organic products, because in the production process we use hemp from tested and certified organic crops.

Our most popular, bestsellers are CBD oils from the Natural line and CBD 1% oils in three versions: RAW, with garlic and ginger, and with turmeric and black pepper.

CBD capsules

Another very popular hemp product are our CBD capsules. For customers who value convenience for various reasons, we have introduced capsules filled with CBD oil, corresponding to 2 drops of 10% oil.

CBD pastes

It is CBD in the form of a paste in two concentrations: 30% and 50%. Those products are something for the one who needs stronger hemp supplementation. Our hemp products are 100% natural, even in such high concentrations of CBD. We do not use synthetic CBD to enrich them.

Hemp edibles

Our hemp store has also a large selection of hemp food. We offer unshelled hemp seeds, unrefined hemp oils and teas. Hemp has been recognized as a superfood. Good-quality hemp products should be on the plate of anyone who wants to take care of either health and nutrition.

Hemp cosmetics

This is the biggest project that our company has undertaken. All our cosmetics are 100% natural and the ingredients are of the best quality. Among these hemp products you can find CBD ointment, body butter in two variants, cream deodorant and body scrub. All in stylish, zero waste, glass packaging.

CBD dry hemp

The dry hemp is intended mainly for vaporization, but also ready for the kitchen use, f.ex as a seasoning! You are only limited by your imagination. In our store you will find dried hemp, which will allow you to conjure up a delicious hemp infusion, but also high-quality premium CBD flowers in 4 flavors.

CBD products for vaporization

Our hemp shop has a wide selection of hashes, crystal and WAX Crumble in several types. These are hemp products intended to inhale in specially designed devices. They all have high concentrations of CBD. Vaporizing hemp is one of the most effective methods of phytonutrient supplementation.

No matter which hemp product catches your attention and which one you choose – you are guaranteed the highest quality! Each product is validated.