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Good Sleep 5mg CBD, 3mg CBN - sleep capsules - Extract Complex - 15 capsules


Good Sleep capsules for sleep:

  • convenient package of capsules for sleep,
  • promote healthy sleep and make it easier to fall asleep,
  • unique combination of plants that influence calming and tranquility,
  • high DER ratings of extracts,
  • high standardization of plant extracts, combined with CBD and CBN!

Capacity: 15 capsules

Good Sleep – a complex of plant extracts for sleep

Are you counting rams in the night to no avail? Or do you roll from side to side, looking for a comfortable position to fall asleep in? Are you awakened by the slightest sound? Sleep problems are affecting more and more people, but we have something to help you deal with them!

Good Sleep capsules are a vegan shell in which we have encapsulated the power of natural plant extracts in a unique formula. Our sleep capsules are a unique combination of plants and natural substances designed to help you fall asleep and make it easier for you to implement healthy habits and stick to your sleep hygiene!

Keep in mind, however, that a capsule alone is not a cure for all the evils of the night. If you suffer from sleep problems, there are additional principles that are worth implementing that will help you. What are these rules? Avoiding blue light emitted by screens in the evening, a proper diet and physical activity during the day or relaxation techniques and meditation. Good Sleep capsules will help with your sleep problems if you implement them as one part of a holistic approach to health.

Does CBD help with sleep? Find out about cannabis sleep capsules

In our Good Sleep capsules, you will find 100 mg of Cannabis Sativa L., which also includes 5 mg of CBD (cannabidiol) and 3 mg of CBN (cannabinol)! These are hemp components that could not be missing from this product. Hemp can be consumed in various forms, not only as an oil dripped under the tongue or used in other ways. These are also hemp sleep capsules! Good Sleep is more than just a herbal sleeping pill. It is a unique formula that combines high quality natural ingredients in one vegan capsule. They contain no gluten or lactose and no unnecessary ingredients. It’s 100% nature! When it comes to CBD for sleep, research is still ongoing, but the results sound promising!

Good Sleep – ingredients

Ingredients of Good Sleep capsules: green tea extract standardised to 99% l-theanine [DER 60:1] 100 mg, hemp seed (Cannabis Sativa L) 100 mg, lemon balm leaf extract standardised to 5% rosemary acid [DER 45:1] 100 mg, passionflower extract [DER 20:1] 100 mg, GABA 100 mg, valerian root extract standardised to 0. 8% valerian acid [DER 20:1] 50 mg, lavender flower extract [DER 20:1] 50 mg, melatonin 3mg, black pepper extract standardised to 95% piperine [DER 50:1] 1 mg, capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

In each capsule, you will find the power of substances straight from nature, all of which have the effect of supporting sedation, soothing and healthy sleep and faster falling asleep! And this is all proven by research! What does science say about the key ingredients in our capsules?


Melatonin is a well-known substance that is thought to help you fall asleep. It is a so-called neurohormone that our body produces naturally, especially around the hours when we should go to sleep. For a number of reasons, the secretion of this substance can be disrupted in our body (e.g. through lifestyle and shift work or overexposure to blue light!). Then, melatonin supplementation just before bedtime reduces sleep problems.


Lavender is a common ingredient in herbal infusions for sleep or herbal tablets for sleep. Over-the-counter sleep tablets often contain it because it helps you sleep better and promotes a healthy, full night’s rest. Our Good Sleep capsules are more than just herbal sleeping pills, so lavender could not be missing in them! You will find as much as 50 mg of 20:1 lavender flower extract in them! This high DER (Drug Extract Ratio) makes the product effective.


Steaming and drinking lemon balm as a practice to calm and soothe shattered nerves has become a permanent fixture in our home remedies for sleep and beyond. And for good reason! Melissa is proven to relax and help us fall asleep. It also benefits our mental health, cognitive processes and helps us to fall asleep. The 100 mg of lemon balm leaf extract in Good Sleep is standardised to 5% rosemary acid!


Another plant component of our Good Sleep capsules is valerian. It is known for its properties of affecting the brain receptors responsible for sleep and calming the nervous system. The proven effect of valerian makes it effective. The 20:1 valerian extract is additionally standardised to 0.8% valerian acid.

Green tea extract

Drinking tea as a relaxing ritual is something that virtually all of us do. But what if we told you that it has a deeper meaning than simply enjoying a hot mug of brewed tasty tea? In Good Sleep capsules you will find green tea extract standardised to 99% l-theanine! The theanine from tea stimulates alpha brain waves, which are linked to relaxation but also attentiveness. They help to calm and clear the mind! And this is before bedtime something that is very important!


Passionflower has several proven effects on our body that can be extremely helpful for calmness and healthy sleep. Firstly, it induces a state of calmness and increases the body’s resistance to stress. It is used as an ingredient in an herbal sleeping pill because it acts as an herbal sedative! It promotes sleep and is recommended for people who are overtired and exhausted! In good sleep capsules you will find 20:1 passionflower extract

Good Sleep – capsules for restful sleep

If you are interested in herbal sleep pills, but are looking for something concentrated, with multiple standardisations and research-proven properties, then Good Sleep capsules are definitely the product for you! They are more than herbal sleep tablets! What sets them apart?

  • A unique formula combining high quality natural ingredients!
  • The addition of Cannabis Sativa L, Including 5mg CBD and 3mg per capsule
  • High standardisation and DER!

Good Sleep – more than just a herbal sleeping pill

Good Sleep is not just another over-the-counter sleep pill. They are capsules that are distinguished first and foremost by their purpose. It is a product that is designed to help you deal with sleep problems before they develop into bigger sleep problems and even insomnia! If other methods like limiting blue light, getting enough physical activity or the usual herbal sleep pills don’t work for you, reach for Good Sleep! They are designed to help you with introducing better sleep hygiene into your life! And by doing so, they are meant to lead you to a better quality of rest, which is essential for the proper functioning of every body. Are they tranquillity pills that do not stupefy? Above all, they are capsules that are only taken just before bedtime, so they should not affect how you function during the day. Are our capsules sedation tablets that do not stupefy?  When used in the evening, Good Sleep capsules will make it easier for you to fall asleep and your sleep will be sound and deep. Therefore, if you use them during the day, they will also make you feel sleepy. In this case, it is better not to drive immediately after taking a sleep capsule.


Good Sleep – application

Good sleep tablets can have different uses. Some sleeping pills should be taken already during the day, others only before bedtime. Good Sleep capsules with CBD for sleep are used just before bedtime in the amount of one capsule.

Sleep tablets and alcohol? If we have sleep problems, alcohol is not advisable at all, as it can lead to a deterioration of our sleep. Combining alcohol with any medication or dietary supplement should be consulted with your doctor or pharmacist.

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