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Good Sleep 5mg CBD, 3mg CBN - Extract Complex - sleep capsules - 60 capsules


Good Sleep capsules:

  • standardized plant extracts,
  • high DER of extracts,
  • vegan, lactose and gluten free,
  • support falling asleep and maintaining sleep,
  • unique formula on the market!

Capacity: 60 capsules

Good Sleep – a jar full of plant extracts for sleep

Counting rams at night is no stranger to you? Or do you constantly change sleeping positions, looking for the one that will help you finally fall asleep? Do you wake up because of the slightest rustling in the night? More and more people are suffering from sleep problems. That’s why we’ve created something to help you combat them!

Good Sleep are capsules in a vegan shell, which contain the power of plant-based natural extracts in a unique formula. Good Sleep capsules for sleep are a unique combination of plant extracts and natural substances designed to help you fall asleep, and are designed to help you implement healthy sleep hygiene habits!

You need to remember that this is a product that will support you when you have sleep problems, but you have to help it work! How do you do this? Apply the principles of sleep hygiene! This includes avoiding blue light emitted by screens in the evening, a well-balanced and thoughtful diet and enough exercise during the day or various relaxation methods like meditation. Good Sleep capsules can become one part of a holistic approach to health and sleep and help you fight for sleepy nights!

Does CBD help with sleep? Hemp capsules for sleep

Good Sleep capsules couldn’t miss our flagship ingredient, hemp seed! You’ll find up to 100 mg of it, including 5 mg of CBD (cannabidiol) and 3 mg of CBN (cannabinol)! Hemp is an ingredient that can be used in various forms. It’s not just hemp oils! From now on, it’s also sleep capsules! Good Sleep is no ordinary herbal sleep pill. It’s a unique formula where you’ll find high-quality natural ingredients encapsulated in one vegan capsule. You won’t find gluten, lactose or any unnecessary additives in the formulation. It is exclusively the best for sleep straight from nature! Studies that test the effects of CBD on sleep have promising results!

Good Sleep – ingredients

Ingredients of Good Sleep capsules: green tea extract standardised to 99% l-theanine [DER 60:1] 100 mg, Cannabis Sativa L 100 mg, lemon balm leaf extract standardised to 5% rosemary acid [DER 45:1] 100 mg, passionflower extract [DER 20:1] 100 mg, GABA 100 mg, valerian root extract standardised to 0. 8% valerian acid [DER 20:1] 50 mg, lavender flower extract [DER 20:1] 50 mg, melatonin 3mg, black pepper extract standardised to 95% piperine [DER 50:1] 1 mg, capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

The ingredients encapsulated in a single capsule are a unique formula straight from nature to calm, soothe nerves and support healthy sleep and facilitate falling asleep. Just how effective the ingredients in Good Sleep are is confirmed by research! What does science have to say about the key ingredients in the sleep capsules?

Green tea extract

When we imagine relaxation, it is often sitting down with a mug of aromatic tea. However, the relaxing activity that many of us indulge in – drinking tea, especially green tea – has hidden potential! Good Sleep capsules are formulated with green tea extract standardised to 99% l-theanine! Theanine from tea affects alpha brain waves, and these have connotations of relaxation and mindfulness. They help you achieve calmness and become more focused on the here and now! Clearing the mind and being calm before bed are very important.


Melissa for calming and soothing nerves tarnished by stress is no secret recipe – we know all about it! This plant could not be missing from Good Sleep. Studies prove that lemon balm helps you to relax and fall asleep. However, lemon balm can do much more. It also has beneficial effects on our mental health and cognitive processes! In a Good Sleep capsule you will find 100 mg of lemon balm leaf extract, standardised to 5% rosemary acid!


Research on passionflower speaks plainly – this plant is extremely helpful when trying to calm down and fall into a healthy, restful sleep! Why? When we consume passionflower, a state of calmness will emerge and our body will become more resilient to the stress around us. Passionflower is very often an ingredient of a herbal sleeping pill = it is a plant-based sedative! Its effects will be especially appreciated by those who suffer from exhaustion and fatigue – it will promote faster sleep.  In good sleep capsules you will find 20:1 passionflower extract


Valerian is another component of our herbal capsules for a restful night’s sleep. Valerian is valued for its action on the brain receptors that are responsible for sleep and calming the nervous system. It works effectively, as proven by numerous studies on it! The valerian extract found in the capsules has a DER of 20:1 and is standardised to 0.8% valerian acid.


Lavender has become a permanent fixture in every home recipe book with ways to relax and sleep. It can be found there as an ingredient in herbal infusions for sleep. It can often be found in herbal pills for sleep – over-the-counter sleeping pills often contain it. Why is it so popular? Because it promotes better sleep and a healthy night’s rest. In our sleep capsules, however, you will find highly standardised lavender! As much as 50 mg of 20:1 extract of lavender flowers! This ensures that our product works effectively and that you can sleep better.


Melatonin is probably one of the most commonly used substances when it comes to sleep problems. This is due to the fact that it makes it easier to fall asleep! It is a neurohormone that occurs naturally in our bodies, but sometimes its natural production is disrupted and supplementation is needed.


Good Sleep – capsules for better sleep

If herbal sleep pills are no stranger to you, but you are looking for something with more standardisation, more concentrated in action and with studies that prove efficacy, then Good Sleep capsules are made for you! They are not just another herbal sleep pill! What makes them special?

  • A unique formula that combines high-quality natural ingredients!
  • The flagship ingredient is Cannabis Sativa L, including 5mg CBD and 3mg per capsule!
  • High DER and standardisation!

Good Sleep – no ordinary herbal sleeping pill

Good Sleep cannot be compared to an ordinary over-the-counter sleeping pill. Good Sleep is distinguished by its purpose and what it contains. Good Sleep capsules are a product that will support you in the fight against sleep and sleep problems before they become something threatening to your health and well-being! If you feel that good sleep hygiene alone, i.e. limiting blue light before bed, exercise, diet are not helping and you are failing with the usual herbal sleep pills, reach for Good Sleep! They will help you sleep soundly and fall asleep faster. They’ll make you better rested and help your body work the way it should. Is Good Sleep a sedative pill that doesn’t stupefy? Good Sleep is only used before bedtime, it should not be used during the day when you intend to drive or perform important duties. Do not drive a car after taking a sleep capsule.

Good Sleep – application

Different pills for restful sleep are applied differently. It is a good idea to read up on how to correctly use the chosen tablets for restful sleep. Good Sleep capsules with CBD for sleep are consumed in quantities of one, just before bedtime.

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