High quality,
pure extract
- CO2 extraction

Extraction of supercritical CO2 is a method of extraction used to obtain CBD oils rich in cannabinoids, i.e. a biologically high-quality final product.

Now, this method allows us to preserve the full spectrum of natural ingredients that complement our diet. It is also a method which enables us to avoid harmful substances that may appear when using other extraction methods.

What do we get with
the use of the
supercritical CO2 extraction method?

  • a product with the best possible purity and biological quality,
  • the possibility of extracting the maximum amount of substances from true hemp,
  • no need to use chemical substances that are harmful to both the product and your health,
  • the abundance of cannabinoids in the final product without the need to interfere with the natural structure and composition of hemp.

So, when choosing the right product for you, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the process of obtaining hemp oil itself – it often turns out that using other methods can significantly reduce the quality of the product and thus its properties.

Our CBD oil production process


Supercritical CO2 extraction

with the use of carbon dioxide, which, thanks to its properties, allows the best and the most beneficial compounds to be extracted from true hemp without the need to use any chemical substances or solvents whose trace amounts could be left in the final product.



hand-sorting and manual drying of hemp



no artificial fertilisers, GMOs and pesticides


Natural crops

Using only natural, proven crops.


Lab tested

Supervision of the entire process by independent laboratories

The origin... matters! CBD made in Poland

Another very important aspect is the origin of true hemp – we choose hemp from plantations from the cleanest, 100% ecological areas of Poland, so we can guarantee the impeccable quality and biological purity of our products. Some of the crops we use are also organically grown.

EU Certification

We have the EU Organic certificate

Some of the crops we use are also organically grown, which is confirmed by the EU Organic certificate that we have!

The crops we use are based on:

  • organic farming and the use of environmentally friendly methods
  • maintaining a high level of biodiversity
  • conservation of natural resources

The growth of true hemp we choose has never been stimulated by artificial fertilisers.
CBD oil available in our product range is not subjected to any chemical processes – it is a 100% natural product, free of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.
In our offer you will also find 100% organic products.

CBD Production

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