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strangest CBD products

The strangest CBD products

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The market for hemp products, especially those containing CBD, continues to grow. Companies that until now had nothing to do with it are starting to create products with hemp. Mainly to benefit from the rising tide of popularity for such goods. The fight for customers is causing manufacturers to outdo each other in ingenuity when it comes to the use of hemp. And since the plant has a very wide range of applications in various branches of production – the possibilities are almost endless. Toilet paper, toothpicks and even a sheet with CBD – meet the strangest products with CBD.

Almost 20,000 different products can be produced from hemp. This is due to the possibility of using both the inflorescences – they are used to make food, essential oils, hemp dietary supplements, medicines, CBD ointments, hemp cosmetics, as well as the stalks – which are used to make paper, plastic, rope, canvas or clothes. Besides, hemp can still be used as a material for biodiesel, animal bedding or food, and even building materials such as concrete. Today, however, we’re going to focus on some rather non-standard CBD-containing products that you’d probably never think of.

CBD toothpicks

Ignite has decided to use CBD in a product whose use is a somewhat embarrassing but common way to clean interdental spaces after eating. The CBD-infused toothpicks are the company’s idea to take even better care of its customers’ gums, as the product can block the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines reducing gum inflammation. The toothpicks were created from North American birch wood, which is harvested quarterly. Chewing them provides relief from toothache while providing a relaxing sensation. The toothpicks are available in six flavors – menthol, cinnamon, mint, lemon, passion fruit and coffee.

cbd wykałaczki
Ignite CBD toothpicks

Intimate suppositories and lubricants with CBD

The relaxing and analgesic effects of CBD have been decided by Foria. Their products support women’s intimate health by taking care of the proper pH and lubrication of the intimate areas and supporting sexual satisfaction. Some studies suggest that CBD suppositories can improve sexual function, and when applied topically, such as in the form of a lube – intensify sensation. Foria suppository formulas with CBD are not only an additional support during erotic intercourse, they also have a relaxing and analgesic effect, so they can relieve menstrual tension and menstrual pain.

foria czopki intymne cbd
CBD suppositories from Foria

CBD chips

We still don’t have many food products with CBD in Poland, although overseas this branch of the hemp industry is booming. A hit in the “something small to eat” category are CBD-infused potato chips. Earthshine Organics has created a healthier version of the popular snack by adding CBD extract from specific strains of hemp. Versions are available containing, for example: 100 mg, 200 mg or 300 mg of CBD per serving of the product. CBD chips are an interesting way to supplement your diet with cannabidiol combined with the joy of eating your favorite snack.

Earthshine Organics chipsy z CBD
Earthshine Organics CBD Chips

CBD toilet paper

Hemp paper is a great alternative to that produced from wood pulp. Because it is much greener and saves such precious forests. So it’s no wonder that hemp cellulose products are slowly starting to displace traditional paper. Toilet paper made from hemp may sound rather extravagant. However, it is most likely our near future if we want to take care of the environment. Hempies has gone a step further and created paper from a blend of different celluloses. This includes hemp cellulose, enriched with CBD, which has a nurturing effect on delicate skin and can prevent irritation.

papier toaletowy Hempies
Hempies toilet paper

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