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Kanaba Fest 2021

Kanaba Fest 2021, that is, how we disenchanted hemp in Warsaw!

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At the beginning of September 2021, the hemp fair Kanaba Fest took place in Warsaw. As an official partner of this event, of course we appeared at it! It was an event that brought together a lot of hemp entrepreneurs, as well as all hemp supporters and users of various degrees. Throughout the first weekend of September, you could stock up on all sorts of hemp products and gadgets, listen to interesting speeches and spend time among the fragrant hemp. And where did it smell the most? At our booth, of course!

Disenchanting hemp at Kanaba Fest

On a warm September weekend, we teamed up in Warsaw to spread awareness and knowledge about hemp seed at the Prague Koneser Center, as an official partner of the Kanaba Fest hemp fair. The appearance of our booth was mainly made up of wood and freshly cut hemp, mixed with mint, so that there was a wonderful fresh aroma, full of terpenes! It was a feast for the senses.

There was also our throne worthy of the King of Hemp, along with a hemp scepter! It was on this throne that everyone who visited us could sit down, have their photo taken and, at least for a moment, feel like a real Hemp King (and Queen too, of course)! It was also on this throne on Sunday that champion Marcin Tybura, UFC fighter and our sports ambassador, sat down. He came to support us during the hemp fair and talk to our visitors.

And the interest was enormous! Throughout the weekend, from the beginning of the fair until the last hours, there were crowds at our booth! We had our hands full, had interesting conversations with everyone and, above all, advised on the choice of products – and hemp products, but also from our two other brands: Biowen and Biozdrowy. All the products we brought with us to the fair sold out like hot buns practically even on the first day, and on the second day, we sold virtually everything, down to the last product.

It was also an opportunity to talk to our business partners, meet other companies live and see their products. There was also an educational zone at the fair, where you could hear about many interesting things about hemp and the hemp industry.

The Kanaba Fest hemp fair, like any other hemp event, is an extremely important event. We are disenchanting hemp! Still many people, when they hear “hemp,” think only of marijuana used for recreational purposes. We know that hemp is unequal to hemp, and that a lot of very valuable and valuable products can really be made from these plants. This is what everyone who was at the fair and visited our and other stands could see!

P.S. You may be wondering what we did with the hemp plants we had left over from the fair, as well as the booth decor? In the spirit of zero waste, we adapted them in our office and created a hemp rest area. A break at work has never been as relaxing as it is now!



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