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Polish celebs promoting cannabis

Polish celebrities promoting cannabis

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Celebrities have long been involved in promoting the use of cannabis and its liberalization. Particularly during the period when the word “hemp” still aroused terror, fear and much disapproval in society, artists through their music or views promoted a liberal approach to this stimulant. Today, when the hemp market is growing rapidly and more and more people are becoming convinced of its beneficial effects, more and more supporters of the plant are also emerging among artists. Meet the leading Polish artists in the music industry who have contributed to the promotion of cannabis, and even some – to legislative changes regarding the liberalization of cannabis laws.

Hemp and music are a perfect combination. Back in the early 20th century in the US, when the first jazz clubs were being established, musicians were known for their open consumption of cannabis, including on stage. Artists are often freethinkers, people who live outside the box, but at the same time individuals who are very sensitive and empathetic. Not surprisingly, cannabis consumption was, in a sense, a symbol of freedom, rebellious living, and very fitting for artists. In addition to this, one of the effects of cannabis is a change in perception and an increase in creativity, which certainly had an impact on the artists’ verve and the creation of many works.


Polish rock icon Olga Jackowska earned the title of hemp activist, even though she did not address the plant in her work. She was known as a cannabis advocacy artist, especially after the so-called “Ramonagate” affair involving a package from overseas addressed to the star’s home for her pet dog Ramona. It contained 66 grams of marijuana. Ultimately, Olga Jackowska was charged with possession of 3 grams of marijuana, which she stored in her home. After a battle with the prosecutor’s office and numerous petitions organized by politicians, fans and the pro-cannabis community, the proceedings against Kora were dropped. Shortly thereafter, in 2018. Kora died after a long battle with cancer. She was involved in the movement to legalize medical marijuana in Poland. She repeatedly spoke during interviews or conferences about the importance of changing cannabis laws for patients. Her longtime partner, then husband, Kamil Sipowicz, a poet, artist and scientist, is the author of books on the history of hemp and hippies in Poland.

Polish hip-hop in the service of cannabis

For many years, the hip-hop scene around the world has been associated with the popularization of marijuana consumption. In Poland it is also a popular trend, which probably came to us from overseas. Many Polish rappers such as OSTR, Jamal, Grubson, Metrowy have songs dedicated to cannabis, in which they recount personal experiences with it, touch on the legal situation of cannabis consumers and many other topics. Jamal’s song “Policeman” was extremely popular and can still be heard on all major radio stations. This is an example of a song that addresses the problem of the absurd drug laws in Poland. Other artists, such as Grubson and Metrowy, were involved in activism during the Marches for the Liberation of Cannabis. The hip-hop community may not exactly be fighting stereotypes about cannabis users. The stigmatization of this community and its connection to crime has not always served the cannabis cause on a broader scale, especially on issues of law liberalization. However, there is no denying that the scene has a very large reach, especially among young people, to whom it is easy to instill the idea of fighting for the cannabis cause.


He is one of the most recognizable Polish artists associated with promoting hemp. Not only because of his work, in which he did not initially pay much attention to the hemp issue, but mainly through his political and activist activities, we can describe him as one of the most important lobbyists for the hemp cause. Liroy has long been sympathetic to the Free Hemp organization. Before the 2011 parliamentary elections, he teamed up with Janusz Palikot to star in a music video for his song “Campaign,” calling for the legalization of marijuana in Poland. In 2013, he organized the “Plant a Bush” campaign to encourage Poles to grow cannabis on a large scale and show the possibilities of using the plant. He is a member of the Parliamentary Group on Medical Marijuana in the role of chairman. He has been actively involved in the cannabis legalization movement for years, and pushed for the legalization of medical marijuana in Poland, which took place in 2018. Piotr Liroy Marzec is an entrepreneur who owns several hemp businesses in Poland. In his interviews, he speaks as a regular cannabis consumer, sharing factual information about the plant.


Another figure from the music industry and more specifically hip hop, who has been heavily involved in hemp activism and promoting the hemp plant for years. In the hemp industry everyone knows him, he’s a distinctive, colorful character, a showman and hemp entrepreneur, but above all an activist fighting for the legalization of hemp, which manifests itself in every field of his activity. Mops is an example of an artist extremely dedicated to the hemp cause. He has been working with the Free Hemp organization for years, contributing to the annual Hemp Liberation Marches created by the association. Mops is an active musician, regularly releasing new albums. His work is heavily steeped in love for the cannabis plant, touching on absurd hemp laws, the fight for legalization and the brutal treatment of Polish cannabis users by police officers. Mops, or Grzegorz Mopsowki, is the publisher of a Polish hemp portal, as well as a hemp store. His stage slogan “Elo 420” refers to a popular slogan of cannabis enthusiasts in the US, meaning it’s time to consume marijuana.

Mata and Young Leosia

They are rappers belonging to the younger generation of artists who have become involved in advocating the liberalization of cannabis laws. The musicians became famous after Mata was arrested for possessing 1.5 grams of dried marijuana. In the national media, the case was loudly commented on by politicians and celebrities. Everyone agreed that the absurd drug laws should change. The musician was soon released, and the case was dropped. He himself commented on the arrest as one of those situations that happen regularly in Poland: not every boy in Poland could count on it. With the goal of fighting the stigmatization of marijuana and the ineffective drug laws in Poland, Mata and Young Leosia decided to establish the 420 Foundation, whose main mission is to fight for the decriminalization of cannabis. The Foundation proposes the possibility of possessing up to 5 grams of dried and one bush of cannabis. The Foundation’s profile on Instagram, which was created, has already gathered nearly half a million followers. It launched its activities on April 20, 2022 (on International Marijuana Smoking Day). The 420 Foundation is tasked with raising public awareness of how many people use cannabis, in other words, fighting the stigma of the so-called smoker. The work will involve the creation of cannabis-themed music to fund a survey of public opinion on cannabis. As part of collecting materials and making videos for the recordings, Mata and Young Leosia traveled to Jamaica. The release of the first mixtape from under the organization’s banner is scheduled for April 20, 2023.

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