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what to look out for when buying Original CBD oil

Original CBD oil - what to look out for?

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You can find hundreds of different CBD oils online and in stationary stores. And as you can guess – they differ not only in price, but also in quality or even safety of use! CBD oil is not equal to CBD oil. So what distinguishes a good, proven and original CBD oil? How to know that we have made a good and safe choice? After reading this article, you will definitely know what distinguishes original CBD oil, what the differences are and how not to be fooled by dishonest sellers!

How to check if CBD oil is original?

Original CBD oil is the product that customers interested in hemp supplements are looking for. One only has to look at the first better hemp group or forum on the Internet to discover how many products are on the market. So how do we check if the product we are being offered is genuine CBD oil? It can be verified quite simply. The oil should contain all the necessary information needed to sell this type of product on the package. For example, the bar code and the manufacturer’s data. A genuine CBD oil will not be a so-called “no name” oil.

Testing for cannabinoid content in CBD oil

An honest seller or manufacturer is not afraid to provide information with which it can be easily verified and checked. In the age of the Internet, we can check whether the oil is a registered supplement with the GIS, whether it has tests that the seller or manufacturer does not make it difficult for us to access. The main thing is testing for phytonutrients (cannabinoids), but one for heavy metals is also useful. Another valuable piece of information is how CBD oil is produced, which is not hidden in any way.

The way CBD oil is packaged

Although it is said that one should not judge a book by its cover, it is also worth taking a peek at the appearance of the packaging when it comes to the products one intends to consume. A company that offers genuine CBD oil should seal it tightly in a dark bottle and preferably seal it. This way we can be sure that we are buying genuine CBD oil that has not been opened before. Suspicious-looking packaging may also not testify in favor of such an oil.

Selling CBD oil

Vendors do not sell genuine CBD oil secretly, in corners, under the counter or in a private message on social media. If it’s a legitimate product that we can legally purchase, we should be able to buy it just like any other supplement! That is, we should get a receipt for the purchase, that the product is available to everyone in the store (both online and in a stationary one).

Verification of CBD oil

The last item, which unfortunately we can’t always afford, is to check the appearance of the product. Genuine CBD oil should be dark in color – from amber to a really dark brown/green. The smell should be typically hemp-like and not reminiscent of anything else. And a really good, natural oil, should also have a slightly bitter and somewhat pungent, throat-scratching taste.

What to look for when buying CBD oil?

What to pay attention to when you want to buy original CBD oil? How not to be fooled? If you are trying to buy it, first of all, pay attention to:

  • packaging – it should contain the manufacturer’s data, barcode, clearly written composition, concentration, and visually itself should not look strange. The bottle of original CBD oil should have a security seal!
  • testing – the manufacturer or seller should test the CBD oil to check the cannabinoid content and be able to provide the results of these tests.
  • method of sale – the CBD oil should be sold in the normal way like other products, such as flour, tomatoes or shoes!
  • the appearance of the product – it should be amber in color (or darker, green or brown), have an oily consistency, a characteristic smell and taste.

Guided by these tips, you will definitely be able to purchase an original CBD oil that is safe to use and full of valuable ingredients! Being an informed consumer, especially when it comes to dietary supplements, is an essential skill these days. Thanks to it, not only will we not allow ourselves to be deceived, but we will be able to choose well – for our health and wallet.

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