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Cultivation of Cannabis Sativa in Poland

Cultivation of Cannabis Sativa (fibrous hemp) in Poland

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Can any of us plant hemp seeds and harvest after a while? How is the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa in Poland, and is it profitable? Is it even legal? Do you need any special conditions to grow hemp: lamps, greenhouses, rooms, fertilizers? We tell you how to grow hemp from a legal point of view, and also reveal details about how we grow hemp!

Hemp cultivation in Poland – profitability

Does hemp farming pay off? Does it make sense to sow hemp in your field or invest in hemp farming at all? The answer lies in the rapidly growing hemp market. Yes, it pays off! First of all, hemp is not a difficult crop to grow. Yes, they require some adaptations, as we will tell you later, but they are a very easy plant to grow on their own. They don’t require protective measures, they don’t need special fertilizers or exceptional conditions for growth. On the contrary. They feel very comfortable in our climate!

Approximately 700 to 1,000 kg of material per hectare can be harvested for fiber varieties of hemp, and 1,200 to 1,500 kg/h of seed for oil varieties. Hemp straw and threshing can also be sold. Thus, the revenue can be as high as PLN 20,000 per hectare, and that’s without counting subsidies from the European Union for Cannabis Sativa crops! [1]

legalność uprawy konopi włóknistej

Permit for cultivation of Cannabis Sativa

Have you ever seen hemp fields? Beautiful, green and tall plants majestically swaying in the wind… Is it legal! Can we buy hemp seeds from the store and plant them in our own garden or pot and grow CBD hemp seeds for our own use? And if so, does that mean that any of us can plant them, like carrots or strawberries?

Is the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa legal in Poland?

The cultivation of Cannabis Sativa in Poland is completely legal! It really is! These beautiful hemp fields are 100% fully planted and looked after by farmers. But let’s note that we are talking about Cannabis Sativa (fiber hemp). Other varieties of hemp are not allowed to be sown in Poland. This is one of the reasons why, for example, medical marijuana is still imported from abroad – in Poland, the law strictly controls what hemp, how and who can grow it, and specifies what conditions must be met to be able to engage in the cultivation of this plant. Legally, it can be grown for the benefit of various industries:

  • textile,
  • chemical,
  • pulp and paper,
  • food,
  • cosmetics,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • building materials,
  • seed industry.

Who can grow Cannabis Sativa?

Since the cultivation of fibrous hemp is legal in Poland, it would seem that, in that case, any of us can plant it and nurture our little hemp field. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Although they are legal to grow, they are still burdened by laws. In order to take care of hemp crops in a legal way, you need to apply for the appropriate permit. And these permits must be applied for before cultivation begins! The conditions for issuing such a permit are determined by law, including this district law. Important here, for example, is the resolution of the Provincial Assembly, which determines the exact parameters of cultivation in a given area.

You can get a cultivation permit if you are a farmer or an entrepreneur. However, you must not have any offenses on your record related to illegal cultivation of poppy, hemp, coca, as well as theft or taking of narcotic or psychotropic drugs. Seed hemp cultivation: penalties can effectively deprive you of the possibility of such seeding!

What conditions must be met to grow Cannabis Sativa?

In order to legally grow fiber hemp, certain conditions must be met. The first is to have a contracting agreement. This is a contract between a farmer and an entrepreneur who has a permit from the provincial marshal to operate a fiber hemp business. Such a permit is precisely what Hempking has!

The second condition is that the cultivation is carried out in the area specified by the regulations, in designated areas, under a cultivation permit[2].

What is the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa?

Industrial hemp – cultivation: in our country hemp can be planted in every corner. We have suitable climatic conditions for this in our climate. However, a lot also depends on the soil.

Hemp cultivation – soil requirements: in this case, not every region of Poland will be suitable for growing fiber hemp. The soil must be good, or at least moderately suitable for agriculture. It also must not be acidic or lagging on sand. These types of regions are completely unsuitable for hemp cultivation. Sowing is usually done in mid to late April and lasts until early May. Hemp seeds are indifferent to frosts, they are completely harmless to them, so in this respect you should not worry about sowing at the right time. As we mentioned, it is not necessary to use any protective measures against diseases or pests to grow hemp.

Hemp can be harvested in several ways. With a harvester adapted for hemp harvesting or with a special mower. [3]

Growing Cannabis Sativa for personal use?

To grow fiber hemp at home, you need to meet the conditions we mentioned earlier in our article. But does this mean that there is no chance to sow hemp for personal use? Not really. All you need to do is get the right documents and get the right products for sowing. How to grow hemp for your own use?

  • buy certified seeds,
  • submit the appropriate documents to the municipal office, along with an application for a permit to grow hemp and a commitment to grow hemp exclusively for personal use. The office has 30 days to issue a decision,
  • well after receiving the permit, inform the local police departments that you intend to grow hemp and have permission to do so,
  • up to a maximum of 14 days after sowing, you must submit to the Marshal’s Office a document of commitment to process hemp exclusively for your own use – the same one you submitted to the municipal office.

In order to make such an application correctly, it is necessary to have an invoice for the purchase of certified seeds, a label from the seeds, a commitment to process hemp for personal use, proof of payment/transfer to the appropriate account in the municipality, and if the plot on which we want to grow hemp is not ours, then proof of lease. It is also a good idea to have for a set of documents the permission of the owner of the plot to grow hemp for seed. [4]

konopie siewne uprawa

Polish varieties of Cannabis Sativa

Hemp is generally divided into fibrous and indica, but this division can be broadened. Indeed, there are varieties of seed (fibrous) hemp that are grown for different reasons and for different uses. Some are better for oil products, others for paper or fiber production! There are also typically Polish varieties of seed hemp, registered in the list of the National Register of Varieties of Agricultural, Vegetable and Fruit Plants! What varieties are these?

Bialobrzeskie variety

This variety is the first Polish variety of fiber hemp. This monoecious variety was bred at the Institute of Natural Fibers and Herbaceous Plants. It is popular among CBD oil producers because it has an interesting and rich cannabinoid profile. You can also get a lot of straw from it, as well as plenty of seeds! [5]

Henola variety

This industrial hemp is the youngest variety bred at the aforementioned Institute. It’s an oil variety that boasts high yields, low plant height (up to about 2 meters) and a shorter growing time than other varieties. The seeds of this variety have a very good fatty acid ratio! The Henola variety has received approval from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, a center of the United States! [6]

Tygra variety

This variety of monoecious hemp is ideal for technical use! This is all because of the high quality fiber that can be obtained from it. More than 1 ton of hemp seeds of this variety can be harvested from one hectare! [7]

Rajan variety

This is another monoecious variety with very high biomass production! It is a late variety of hemp, reaching maturity only in late September/early October. Rajan is a variety that has been included in the Community Catalog of Cultivated Plant Varieties of the European Union. [8]

Growing hemp at HempKing – or what it looks like for us!

At HempKing, we have our own contracted farmers who can grow hemp thanks to the fact that it’s our company that has the permit we wrote about earlier. Our farmers plant according to our guidelines, and we oversee the cultivation ourselves from seed to harvest, drying and ginning! For us, it’s very important to watch over the whole process. Only in this way can we be 100% sure that we offer you high quality.

We test the hemp even before harvesting to check the concentrations of phytonutrients and assess the quality of the hemp plants.

Hemp varieties used at HempKing

We use five varieties of fiber hemp for our various products:

  • Futura 75, Finola, Felina 32 – for CBD oils and dried for teas, as well as seeds
  • Santhica 27 – for CBG products
  • Henola – growing hemp for seed

Checking the soil before starting hemp cultivation

While still at the plantation stage, we also check the soil for microbiology – for harmful fungi, mold, enterobacteria or coliforms. Before we bind ourselves to any farmer, we require samples to be sent to us for heavy metal testing. Many farmers, and not only from Poland, want to cooperate with us, but their fields are not suitable for our crop quality standards. To cooperate with us, a farmer must meet a number of requirements. We only care about the best quality crops!

Harvest and converted machinery for hemp cultivation

As for harvesting, we have converted agricultural machinery ourselves so that they can harvest hemp efficiently and without problems. Not every agricultural machine is suitable for this! At the time when our company started, hemp cultivation was not so popular. Buying specialized agricultural machinery is also a considerable expense. Hence the idea to convert the ones we already owned. Standard harvesters jam when harvesting such a high crop!

We work with farmers from all over Poland, but mainly our crops can be found in our native Podlasie, as well as in the Lublin province. It is in these areas that you can meet beautiful hemp crops. If you meet them, perhaps one of them will be ours?










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