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Hemp fiber

Hemp fiber and its uses

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Hemp and the industrial use of it for supplements or food and even cosmetics no longer surprises anyone. And do you know what uses hemp fiber has, for example? It may be of interest not only to those who are looking for hemp clothing. But even those who enjoy vaporization!

Hemp fibers and hemp cotonin

Mechanical separation of hemp bast fibers results in hemp cotonin, or hemp fiber. Purified hemp fiber may be of interest especially to those who like CBD vaporizers. Why?

One of the products for vaporization are so-called CBD concentrates. This can also include CBD hash. For their use, it is also recommended to use dried hemp during vaporization to prevent contamination of the device. This is sometimes also the method used by those whose vaporizers are not designed to inhale concentrates, but only the dried stuff.

hash cbd sour diesel

Hash CBD Super Sour Diesel is available in our store in two capacities: 1g and 5g.

Here natural hemp fiber comes to the rescue, which can replace the dry hemp in vaporizing concentrates! The concentrate dissolves when heated, penetrates the hemp fiber and thus can be vaporized in the device.

CBD Flowers mango kush

Dried CBD flowers that are suitable for vaporization.

Hemp fabric in vaporization and more

Hemp fabric can also come in handy for cleaning your vaporizer after you’re done vaporizing. If the device is still warm and the concentrate is still fairly liquid, the hemp fabric will easily absorb the residual product and help us clean the device. Good cleaning is essential if we want our vaporizer to serve us for a long time.

Hemp fiber can be used to make fabrics from hemp and thus make clothes, for example. Hemp is a versatile plant that can be used in many ways! Hemp is also used to make rope, hemp rope or many other products that we often use, and we don’t fully realize that they can be made from hemp!

Hemp material for clothing

The previously mentioned hemp clothing deserves a separate paragraph. Why? Because hemp fabric is extremely durable! If we used hemp clothes, we could extend their life to a great extent and contribute to less garbage production. In addition, hemp clothes are also 100% natural, breathable, lightweight and comfortable! They could be a great alternative to cotton t-shirts and shirts.

Hemp fabric can also be used to make, for example, bedding, cloths or tablecloths. It can be washed or otherwise cleaned without any problems. And on top of that, by using such products, we also take care of the environment!

Hemp grows very quickly at high altitudes. It is worth taking advantage of this! Using plants that are organic and easily regrow after harvesting is extremely important. On top of that, hemp cleans the soil!


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  2. Stanke Liny  “Lina konopna” (“Hemp rope”)

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