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Facts and Myths Can CBD oils be psychoactive

Can CBD oils be psychoactive? Facts and Myths

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Controversies around CBD seem to arise and disappear. The number of opponents of CBD products is as significant as their supporters. We are convinced that this state of affairs results from ignorance and unnecessary prejudices rooted in anti-drug policies.

In discussing CBD and its impact on humans, the colloquial use of the term “psychoactive” has been adopted in the context of intoxicating properties. A precise approach to the subject should properly use the term “psychotropic.” (See: What is CBD?)

Can CBD oils be psychoactive? Facts

  1. CBD is obtained from industrial hemp, from which oil, seeds, fiber for ropes, and animal feed are also derived (nobody wants stoned cows!).
  2. CBD oil is a dietary supplement. This is not the same as medical marijuana.
  3. CBD reduces the psychoactive effects of THC [1]. So, even in the case of full-spectrum CBD oil, with trace amounts of THC allowed by law, its psychoactive effects are effectively blocked by CBD in much higher concentrations!
  4. CBD oil is not a medicine! Although research is ongoing on the impact of phytonutrients on health and well-being, and the results are promising, there are no conclusively confirmed therapeutic properties yet.
  5. CBD is not addictive. The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly states [2] that CBD shows no addictive properties and can be safely used as a hemp phytonutrient.
  6. A valued method of obtaining CBD is supercritical CO2 extraction. Thanks to this method, high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract can be obtained, without the risk of damaging delicate hemp and its substances, and without the use of solvents that may remain in the final product.
  7. The best form of CBD oil is full spectrum. It’s about the entourage effect, i.e., the collective action and support of the properties of all hemp phytonutrients. The most valuable products are those that contain all phytonutrients.

Myths about CBD oils

  1. Consuming a larger amount of CBD products can intoxicate. NO. Each body reacts differently, and like any substance from outside our body, it should be consumed in recommended amounts.
  2. CBD and medical marijuana are the same. NO. Medical marijuana contains a higher concentration of THC, about 19%, and lower CBD, and it is prescribed by a doctor for strictly defined medical conditions (Dravet syndrome, Alzheimer’s), available in pharmacies as a medication.
  3. All hemp is the same plant. NO. Comparing CBD to chocolate is a bit of a vivid analogy but aims to dispel the negative perception of CBD and emphasize its positive effects on the human body. One could venture to say that chocolate products on the market may be more dangerous because their level of processing and refined sugar content significantly deviates from naturalness.
  4. CBD is a placebo and a marketing gimmick. NO. CBD oil is a widely used natural dietary supplement. Hemp oil with phytonutrients has confirmed effects, such as supporting immunity, skin, and cholesterol levels.
  5. Hemp oils are illegal, just like hemp. NO. In Poland, industrial hemp can be legally cultivated, and then processed into hemp products. This includes hemp oils with phytonutrients! They are fully legal to sell, buy, and use! CBD and hemp also produce many cosmetics. If the manufacturer operates legally, registers their products and crops, and adheres to guidelines, they can sell their products entirely legally, and you can legally purchase and use them.
  6. All CBD oils are the same. NO. On our blog, you can find many articles about studies on CBD products, types, and materials on how to recognize high-quality ones. Unfortunately, not all CBD oils are equal. There are also different types of these products: full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolates.
  7. CBD oil as a natural product has no side effects. NO! Nothing is more misleading than the belief that what is natural will not harm! If you are allergic to hemp, CBD oil is certainly not the product for you. Also, consuming it in excessive amounts will cause unpleasant side effects, such as dry mouth or diarrhea. Combining it with medications is also not a good idea. It can enhance or weaken their effects!


  1. Health Line „What the research says”
  2. WHO „News Briefing – 40th WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD)”

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