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what are terpenoids

Terpenoids - what are they?

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Terpenoids is a word that is intertwined in discussions about hemp. So do phytonutrients, flavonoids and phenols. Today, however, we will focus specifically on terpenoids, tell you what they actually are and what they are used for.

What are terpenoids?

When a tree is damaged, especially a coniferous tree, resin begins to flow from the site of damage. Its purpose, like human blood, is to protect the damaged plant. The resin contains antibacterial agents that prevent harmful microorganisms from entering the plant.
It is from the resin of the plant that terpenoids are derived. They are also found in hemp! Hemp resin is sticky and black, and contains a lot of components. And one of them are precisely the compounds that are the protagonist of this article. [1]

What are terpenoids for – uses

These organic compounds affect the taste and aroma of hemp products. It is to them that we owe the smell of the dried product or the taste when vaporizing or consuming CBD oil. High-quality hemp products should contain not only phytocannabinoids, but precisely other phytonutrients derived from hemp. Why? Each of the terpenoids present in hemp has its own specific properties.

Terpenoids – properties

As we mentioned above, terpenoids have their own properties. Depending on which terpenoids are present in a hemp product, they affect the smell and taste.
However, this is not their only property.
Research on terpenoids is still ongoing, but they are already being used, for example, in herbal medicine. It has been observed that some of the terpenoids have antibacterial, immune-supporting properties, act on the gastrointestinal and digestive systems, as well as on the nervous system. [2]

Where to find terpenoids besides hemp oil – examples

Terpenoids are present in many plants, of course, and are commonly used in various types of essential oils. Where can you find particular terpenoids?

  • Myrcene – in bayberry oil, bay laurel oil, hop oil,
  • limonene – in orange oil and lemon oil,
  • terpinene can be found in lemon oil,
  • pinene, on the other hand, in pine oil,
  • camphene is turpentine, fir oil, lavender oil,
  • nerol is bergamot oil, rose oil, coriander oil,
  • geraniol, as the name suggests is rose oil and geranium oil,
  • citronellol can be found in rose oil,
  • linalool is also found in orange and convalescent oil.


CBD Natural 5% Oil – 10ml contains phytonutrients in the full spectrum as well as terpenes and flavonoids.

Terpenoids in cosmetics

One of the uses of terpenoids is in cosmetics. The simplest example is menthol, a terpenoid that is used in…toothpaste! There are also menthol ointments and creams that are cooling.
Another terpenoid used in cosmetics is α-bisabolol. It is a popular ingredient in creams for sensitive skin and even the skin of children and babies. It is most often found in various cosmetics containing chamomile.
β-Carotene is another ingredient in many creams. It can be found, for example, in carrot oil, which can be used for sun protection!

Some interesting facts about terpenoids

  1. It is estimated that in a year coniferous trees and shrubs alone release more than a million tons of terpenoids into the atmosphere.
  2. A lot of terpenoids are also produced by marine organisms.
  3. terpenoids are used successfully in the pharmacological and cosmetic industries.
  4. To date, we have learned and described more than 40,000 of these organic compounds.


  1. Biological active compounds of natural origin
  2. ECOLOGY “Terpenes – Properties, action and uses of terpenes”.,28153.html

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