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Differences between hemp oil and CBD oil

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CBD oil and hemp oil are interchangeable names. And in fact, both oils are made from hemp and can be consumed. However, sometimes CBD oil is not hemp oil. And hemp oil, is not CBD oil. Difficult to understand? We have some tips on how to tell them apart.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, cold-pressed, is nothing more than hemp cooking oil. It is usually sold in larger bottles (such as 250 ml). It’s a great alternative to other oils, because of its properties and very wide application. You can use it not only in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics!

How to consume it? Actually, the same way as any other cooking oil.
You can add it to salads, desserts, baked goods or sauces. Thanks to its nutty-sunny flavor, it goes well with pasta dishes or healthy smoothies and cocktails.

Remember that hemp oil has a low combustion temperature. It is not suitable for frying!

Hemp oil pressed from hemp seeds is also not CBD oil – it does not contain ingredients from hemp inflorescences, thus there are no cannabinoids in the composition. It is simply hemp health food. Nevertheless, it is characterized by a high content of, for example, omega 3, 6 and 9 acids in ideal proportions, which affect, for example, the cholesterol content of our blood and are “food” for our skin and brain!

CBD oil

Since we wrote above that hemp seed oil is not CBD oil, how do the two come together? Well, hemp seed oil is actually not CBD oil, but it is a great carrier for hemp oil with a full spectrum of phytonutrients. That’s why, for example, our CBD oils are hemp oil with CBD.

Each CBD oil is hemp oil with phytonutrients and some carrier of this substance in which it is contained. In the case of Hempking oils, for example, we rely on hemp oil and thus have CBD hemp oils with a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids for sale.

Hempking hemp oils with CBD are sold in smaller bottles, e.g. 10 ml, and their price is higher than regular food grade hemp oils. Pay attention to this if you will want to buy a hemp supplement rather than food-grade hemp oil. The composition is also important – if nowhere in the formulation is it stated that the hemp oil contains hemp oil with the full spectrum of phytonutrients, you are probably looking at a hemp oil suitable for salads, without cannabinoids.

CBD oil

Above, we described two types of hemp oil – one a food and the other a supplement. But is CBD oil always hemp oil? Well, no!

Sometimes the carrier in CBD oil is another oil – coconut or olive oil. Then it is simply CBD oil, not necessarily hemp oil. Such solutions are used, for example, during home production of CBD oils. This is not a very precise method, in which poorly concentrated preparations are obtained, but of course it has its DIY (Do It Yourself) admirers.

Hemp oil vs hemp CBD oil – the differences

So how do you tell the difference between food grade hemp oil and CBD oil?

Look at the composition – this is the first and most important tip. Pay attention to whether the oil you want to buy contains hemp oil with phytonutrients, not just hemp seed oil.

Choose proven brands – if you see hemp oil at a low price, but nowhere can you find information on whether it’s actually CBD oil, you’d better bet on a well-known brand. Those that transparently indicate the compositions of their products will be safer for you, your wallet and your health.

Check the research – if you have the opportunity (and you should!) check the research of the hemp oil you want to buy. That’s where the phytocannabinoids will be listed, which will confirm that you’re buying CBD oil, not hemp cooking oil.

Price – let’s not kid ourselves, CBD supplements come at a price. But that’s because extraction requires the right machinery, skills, and the finished product has to go through testing. That’s why if someone offers you CBD oil for $20 in a suspiciously large quantity, ask if it’s not just hemp oil, without CBD oil with the full spectrum of phytonutrients.

By applying these 4 simple rules, you will surely manage your purchase and easily recognize whether you are buying food grade hemp oil or CBD oil which is a dietary supplement. And if something is still unclear, remember that we are at your service!

You can always write to us or call us, we will be happy to point out the product you are planning to buy.


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