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hat are Flavonoids and what properties do they have

Flavonoids - what are they and what properties do they have?

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Not everyone realizes what a wealth of substances plants contain. They have a wide spectrum of compounds that exhibit various properties. An excellent example of those that are actually worth paying attention to are the so-called flavonoids.

The occurrence of natural bioactive compounds of plant origin is not surprising. However, if we add to this the range of functions they perform then it gets more interesting in this aspect. As a rule, they act as colorants. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Why should you consider investing when it comes to products containing flavonoids? What effects do flavonoids exhibit? That’s what you will find out in this article!

What are flavonoids?

Basically, they were classified more or less in the first half of the 20th century. They are found, for example, in citrus fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli, and more!

Why is this interesting, as well as the action itself? They are all-natural. Flavonoid-containing products are generally made from roots, flowers and seeds. Green tea and ginkgo leaves, fruits and grape seeds, ginseng root turn out to be rich in flavonoids. They are also extracted from mountain arnica, mallow, common chamomile, field horsetail, calendula or linden. They are an indispensable part of many plant products.[1]

CBD Oil 10% Natural Plus – 10ml – contains phytonutrients and flavonoids.

Flavonoids – properties

Flavonoid compounds are substances found in plants. They can be responsible for their characteristic taste and define the smell. In addition, in many cases they are also a natural dye. Some of them take an active part in the process of photosynthesis. In addition, they are able to protect plants from too much UV radiation. But what meanings do they have from the perspective of our skin? They exhibit actions that are characterized by multidirectional biological activity.

Flavonoids and their effects

Flavonoids not only exhibit antibacterial activity, but are classified as antioxidants. Flavonoid compounds eliminate free radicals due to the characteristic structure of the molecule, which are ideally adapted to combat free radical reactions.

Properties of flavonoids in cosmetics

In this aspect, the compounds seal and strengthen the endothelium of capillaries. Therefore, they help prevent petechiae and bruises. From the perspective of dermatology, the properties in cosmetics that flavonoids offer are valuable. This is because they inhibit the activity of enzymes found in the walls of blood vessels. Thus, they improve the elasticity of the skin. On the other hand, the direct effect on elastase and hyaluronidase results in the strengthening of connective tissue, thus strengthening and sealing the vessels. Products containing flavonoid compounds help improve blood flow, and thus may show a noticeable slowing of the aging process.[2]

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