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CBD capsules – a convenient alternative

CBD capsules – a convenient alternative

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You’ve heard a lot of good things about CBD oil and want to try it. Just a few drops under the tongue a day are enough to help you take care of your health. It doesn’t involve much effort, and the benefits can be immense. After all, there is so much talk about the properties of CBD oil, especially in the era of diseases associated with the progress of civilization or simply in the context of an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, you have the oil, you get the right amount into the pipette and the first drop lands under your tongue. You learn how hemp tastes and… you already know it’s not for you! Of course, there is some truth in the proverb “good medicine tastes bitter” and taste isn’t most important when you want to take care of your health. However, nowadays you don’t need to force yourself to eat or drink products that have difficult tastes. So, what now? Is this the end of your adventure with CBD, healthy supplements and the beneficial effects of these products? No, not at all! CBD capsules come to your rescue!

CBD capsules – for those with a delicate palate

The taste of hemp is not for everyone. It is very distinctive, quite pungent and the oil leaves a specific aftertaste – all the more so that after taking the oil you should not drink for a while or kill the taste of the oil by eating something else right after taking the oil. Anyone who’s tried CBD oils knows what we’re talking about.

The bitter, nutty taste of hemp doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. Some people love that taste, but there are also those who can’t bear it. Those who can’t stand it will find an alternative method of CBD supplementation – CBD capsules. CBD oil enclosed in a convenient gel casing will facilitate the daily intake of this supplement even for those who have had difficulty taking cannabinoids or even have been unable to take them so far.

How it works How to use the supplement

You only need to take one capsule in the morning and that’s it! It provides the body with as much as 10 mg of fibrous hemp extract, with a full spectrum of cannabinoids. That’s the same as 4 drops of 5% CBD oil or 2 drops of 10% CBD oil! Therefore, depending on how many mg of CBD you want to take, the number of capsules taken per day should be adjusted accordingly.

Convenience? Only with CBD capsules! 

All right, what if you don’t have a problem with the taste of CBD oils at all? You don’t need capsules then, right? You couldn’t be more wrong – you can opt for capsules anyway! It’s also about the convenience of cannabinoids administration. At work, at school or when you’re out – it’s extremely easy to swallow a capsule and wash it down with water. It’s much easier than pulling out a bottle of CBD oil and measuring off the drops. It’s a great alternative for those who have little time and appreciate, above all, convenient solutions.

It is also a good idea for those who just don’t like measuring off the right number of drops with the use of a dropper. When you swallow a capsule, you can be sure that you take the same amount of CBD every time and there is no risk that the amount taken in the form of drops will be different. This kind of supplementation of hemp products will surely be appreciated by beginners – definitely swallowing a small capsule is a more intuitive method. In this way, it is impossible to make a mistake in calculating the amount of CBD that you want to take.

CBD capsules are also intended for veterans of supplementation. If you want to keep your cannabinoid level constant, it’s a great option to do it in a simple and convenient way. One capsule a day is enough and you don’t need to worry about the number of drops measured off or keeping CBD under your tongue for a certain period of time. And you can be sure that every drop of CBD contained in the capsule is the same and the amount of cannabinoids is equal every single time. As you know, drops are not equal to one another. Thanks to the capsule, you can be sure you take an equal amount of the supplement each time.

Is a CBD capsule the same as CBD oil?

Sounds good, but you still have doubts about that? Are you still wondering if CBD oil in the form of a capsule has the same effect as the oil that is not encapsulated in a gel shell? After all, the oil should be taken under the tongue, where it is best absorbed by the mucous membrane. But everything has its pros and cons.

To supply CBD, CBD capsules need to pass through the digestive tract, which can significantly reduce the cannabinoid intake in the body. Theoretically, taking the oil under the tongue, to be absorbed directly through the mucous membrane, is a better form of oil administration. However, cannabinoids are perfectly soluble in fats, and the carrier in the capsule is high quality hemp oil, in the amount of 990 mg! This increases the bioavailability of CBD.

In addition, if CBD is supplied for a longer period, after some time its level remains stable and taking it in the form of capsules is sufficient. CBD oil contained in the capsule also stands for a full spectrum of high-quality cannabinoids, obtained with the use of a modern method of supercritical extraction of CO2. Good quality always works, regardless of the form in which the supplement is administered.

Why take CBD capsules at all?

Just like CBD oil supplementation, the supplementation in the form of capsules has many positive effects:

  • supports immunity
  • one capsule is enough to help you relax,
  • eliminates or reduce stress,
  • helps in the case of skin problems,
  • improves your well-being,
  • contributes to increasing the motivation to act,
  • improves sleep quality.

It contains all the best ingredients of true hemp – a full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, as well as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which are so indispensable in your daily diet.

CBD supplementation has never been easier!

CBD capsules stand for convenience and are a guarantee that you take an equal amount of CBD every single time. They have multiple positive properties and are an alternative to the taste of hemp that some may find irritating. With CBD capsules, you save time and can be sure that you take the right amount of the supplement.

You can find CBD capsules in our store.

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