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CBG and its anti-cancer qualities

CBG and its anti-cancer qualities

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Regardless of our age, social status or gender, we have one inseparable trait that is not measured by any contemporary factor – health. It determines the quality and length of our lives. Health, which can not be bought with any money, is the key to achieving full happiness. Let’s notice – it is health that we usually wish at birth, holidays or other important circumstances. We are aware of the great value it is, but the hurried and determined times cause that unfortunately we often forget about it. The chase after money, for pleasures, we work on dimension, we bury ourselves in our duties. At the same time, we often lose ourselves in it enough to stop focusing properly on it. Then the problem arise.

By creating our small community related to hemp products, from the very beginning we would like to emphasize very strongly that the key to success is not the action at the moment when health problems arise, but the preventive action. This is one of the reasons why we encourage you to take care of yourself. Regardless of the situation in which we are in the world. In order not to lose the value of our health, we try to convey both knowledge and methods. And in addition, support you mentally. That’s all to notice that our common human feature once lost is very difficult to recover.

However, if it turns out that prevention is too late – do not worry. HempKing is a place that was created to help you. Show you the way, help you mentally and be with you even in the worst moments. We are people … for people. What we create, we always do it for you. We realize how important mental support is when the disease occurs. This state of our psyche determines the process of getting out of the disease. It is another invaluable force that can help you win. We know, however, that the news about the disease, especially cancer, is extremely difficult. We realize that it is hard to think positive in such moments. We want to give you strength and show that it can still be good after all. This approach directs us when creating our products – today we want to tell you about the amazing properties of one of the cannibinoids. CBG, which is revolutionizing the supplement market and can really give you a lot.

An important and demanding selection is the presence of over 80 unique cannabinoids in marijuana, with all their individual influences and benefits. The latest research results clearly show that CBG, although definitely one of the less popular cannabinoids, can gain many merits in the treatment of various diseases. In particular in the process of cancer therapy.

Kannabigerol – General characteristics
CBG as the “stem cell” of all cannabinoids – natural cannabigerol acid (CBGA) found in hemp is a kind of precursor to other commonly known cannabinoids, such as THCA or CBGA.
active chemical compound found in cannabis,
an active substance without psychoactive and intoxicating properties.

The main properties and benefits of CBG (cannabigerol):

it relieves the symptoms of glaucoma,
anti-inflammatory – supports the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (enteritis),
stimulates the healing process and reduction of damaged bones (fractures),
has antifungal and antibacterial properties (antimicrobial properties, e.g. in the case of Staphylococcus aureus),
relieves pain,
is a substance well tolerated by the body in combination with other drugs,
supports the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders,
it alleviates symptoms of bladder diseases, eliminates strong bladder contractions,
has anti-depressant properties – supports depression treatment, neutralizes anxiety,
supports the treatment of skin diseases (psoriasis),
reveals strong anti-cancer properties,
stimulates neurogenesis – the formation of new nerve cells.
Antineoplastic properties of CBG (cannabigerol) confirmed by tests

What we want to focus on today’s entry is CBG anti-cancer activity. Let us now carry out the most important facts about it.

What is most important to us is that the anticancer properties of CBG (cannabigerol) are confirmed by tests. In a review article published in 2009, we come across information that CBG together with other cannabinoids inhibit the escalation and growth of tumors, their cells, and visibly reduce tumor growth.

One of the latest studies of the National Institute of Health in the USA, published in the journal “Carcinogenesis of Oxford” gave the premise to deepen the analysis, further observation and continuation of research into the impact of CBG on cancer cells (colon cancer). The implementation of CBG in the treatment process gave a visible picture of the inhibition of growth and expansion of cancer cells.

The same scheme of action showed its effectiveness in the treatment of prostate cancer. Research is also available to highlight the strong CBG anticancer activity in skin cancer and breast cancer. The course of research in its scope included a number of different options and methods of treatment of tumors in terms of their strength and efficiency to kill cancer cells. CBG in comparison to other drugs achieved the best results. It is weakening the development of cancer in the body.

On the basis of the above arguments, we can say the obvious that the beneficial effects of cannabigerol in the treatment of many diseases, in particular cancer. The benefits of CBG are still under investigation, but undoubtedly the list of its properties is impressive and increases its range every year.

Cannabidiol and cannabigerol – the most effective phytocannabinoid

It may be suggested that CBG is the second most effective phytocannabinoid after CBD in the fight against various cancers (eg breast cancer, epithelial carcinoma).

Thanks to all these amazing properties, we decided to focus on CBG. It gives hope for improvement of health. Once again, we want to emphasize that we live in very demanding times. On the one hand there are new possibilities, methods of treatment. What is more, the emphasis is on the search for natural, healthy alternatives. On the other hand … we are exposed to more and more factors that cause loss of good condition of our body. So, we ask and encourage you to take care of yourself every day. To introduce into your life healthy, good habits that will protect you not only against diseases, but let you live in full happiness. Remember – there is nothing more precious than health and a smile. And if it ever happens differently, be aware that we are with you and we always help you.

Ps. Do you know that optimists live an average of 9 years longer? ?

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