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Vaporizer - how does it work

Vaporizer - how does it work? How to use a vaporizer?

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Surely, in the context of dried or concentrated cannabis, you have already heard of a vaporizer. This is a device that is used for vapor inhalation of these products. There are several models we recommend in our store, but you can really find a lot of them on the market. How does a vaporizer work?

Differences in vaporizers

You can find dozens of different vaporizers in the store. They differ at first glance, first of all, in terms of price, the range is really big! The next difference that you can immediately notice is the difference in appearance, color or size. And how can vaporizers really be divided?

Here we can choose between electronic and electric vaporizers, and even gas vaporizers! This is a division due to the power source. Vaporizers can also be stationary and portable. Another division is between convection and condensation vaporizers, as well as session and on-demand. Sound mysterious?

It all depends on what you want to vaporize, where you want to use the device and what your life is like. If you want to use your vaporizer outside the home, often during the day, then a handy electronic, on-demand model is best for you!

Vaporizer – how does it work?

How does a vaporizer heat the material so that it forms vapor, and at the same time does not set fire to the vaporized herbs? How a vaporizer works may seem complicated, but we are about to explain everything to you and answer the question, “Vaporizer – how does it work?”

A vaporizer, depending on how it is powered, generates heat. With this heat it heats the herbs, dried or concentrated in its chamber. As a result of the heating, the active ingredients begin to boil and vaporize! And then we inhale this vapor through the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.
There is no room for combustion in the vaporizer’s operation. Combustion very often leads to burning of active substances, they become worthless, and we inhale unhealthy smoke.

Where does the heat in the vaporizer come from? From the heater, of course! How this heater heats the vaporized material is also very important.

Vaporizer – how does the heater work?

As we mentioned earlier, vaporizers can be divided into convection and condensation. There are also hybrids that combine both methods.

Convection vaporizer

A convection vaporizer is a vaporizer that heats material through hot air that flies through a chamber. In this way, the material is heated and vapor is produced. This method works well for stationary vaporizers, because in portable devices this way of heating is a bit more cumbersome.

The advantage of this way of vaporizer is the taste of the vapor, the amount of vapor, as well as the efficiency. By heating the material in this way you can get more active substances out of it in the vapor.

The disadvantages are certainly the longer time it takes to heat up the vaporization material, the price of the device, and the fact that the first inhalations are not as good as after the vaporizer has been heated up for a while.

Conduction Vaporizer

A condensation vaporizer is a device that heats the material to be vaporized through the warm walls of the chamber. The chambers are then usually metal or ceramic to conduct heat and avoid damage. This is a simpler solution than convection. That’s why we usually find them in portable vaporizers. The operation of a convection vaporizer also has its advantages and disadvantages.

This method of vaporization means that the device can be small in size, and thus the price is lower than those described above. The first inhalations are immediately full of flavor and aroma.

The disadvantage is definitely the efficiency. In the operation of a condensation vaporizer, it is less than that of convection vaporizers.

Waporyzator pax 3

Pax is a vaporizer that works by conduction.

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