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Hemp milk

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More and more people are giving up eating dairy products and introducing plant-based substitutes into their diets. Plant-based milks, cheeses, yogurts or kefirs have received a lot of attention lately. Unfortunately, not all plant-based dairy products are as nutritious as real dairy, especially in matters of protein content. This is different with hemp milk, which is a 100% plant-based beverage and, by the way, one of the healthiest alternatives to cow’s milk. What properties does hemp milk have? How to prepare it at home? You will read about everything in the rest of the article.

In the context of converting to veganism, it is worth keeping in mind not only ecological issues and ethical considerations, but also one’s own health. Many people wean themselves off dairy for ideological reasons, while others are driven by health considerations, as the fact is that today’s UHT milk bears little resemblance to the milk from the cow . There is also the question of how a person digests milk. When choosing a plant-based milk alternative, it is worth following the same values: that it be organic, its production process ethical, and the milk itself healthy and safe. All these requirements are met by hemp milk, which is made from hemp seeds – plants that grow in our climate.

What are the nutritional values of hemp milk?

Hemp seed milk is an extremely nutritious cocktail of essential nutrients: amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, micro and macroelements. Due to the content of bioactive substances, hemp milk is comparable to cow’s milk. It even contains a complete protein, in other words, a complete protein consisting of 20 protein amino acids. In addition, hemp milk has a high content of essential fatty acids (EFAs) of the omega 3, 6 and 9 group. These acids are available in very good proportions for human health. We can also find a whole range of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, D, C, E and PP, as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium.

Analysis of the chemical composition of milk carried out in various studies has also confirmed that the aforementioned substances combined together in one beverage or product assimilate even better. It is also known to be free of anti-nutrients, causing bloating and disrupting digestion, such as those found in cow’s milk or soy milk. There is another aspect worth keeping in mind, namely the body’s acid-base balance, which traditional dairy and even some plant milks (such as rice or oat milk) will disrupt. Hemp milk does not acidify the body and has a beneficial effect on maintaining the body’s proper acid-alkaline balance.

Use of hemp milk

Due to its high content of heat-sensitive omega acids, hemp milk should not be boiled for too long. It is best to only gently heat it, such as to 40°C, to preserve its health-promoting properties. Hemp milk can be used in any kind of dish or drink. It goes well with desserts, oatmeal, morning coffee, soup or as a side dish for various dishes. It can also be sipped as a healthy drink, for example, with the addition of cocoa, honey, cinnamon, turmeric or sweet syrups. Milk can be consumed by people of all ages, even children – it is a product without any psychoactive effect. It is especially recommended for people who are ill, weakened, allergic people, people with busy lifestyles, athletes and people on a vegan diet.

The taste of the milk is slightly sunny, but when combined with coffee, for example, this aftertaste is not noticeable. The texture of the milk is rather slushy, it is quite fatty and rich in protein (hemp seeds contain about 30% fat and 35% protein). It does not resemble a soda, but rather full-fat cow’s milk. It froths up perfectly, and will be a great base for lattes, you just need to remember to strain the blended seed particles well from the liquid.

Hemp milk recipe

The recipe is sure to surprise many people with its ease of preparation – it can also be a lifesaver when you run out of milk at home, and just happen to have a supply of hemp seeds. Its preparation takes literally 3 minutes. To prepare it, in addition to water and hemp seeds, preferably shelled ones, you will also need a blender (hand or cup), a tall vessel, such as a jar, a strainer with gauze for straining, and a glass bottle with a cap for storage.


  • 0.5 cup of shelled hemp seeds
  • 2 cups of boiled and filtered water (can be slightly warm, maximum 30°C)


In a tall vessel, such as a liter jar, combine the seeds and water̨. Blend the ingredients for about 3 minutes. At this time, the water ceases to be clear, and an oily foam collects̨ on top. Pour the finished milk through a sieve with gauze, wait for it to drain and firmly press the blended seeds from excess water. The remaining pulp can be used for pancakes, oatmeal or soup. Transfer the finished milk to a bottle or jar, seal tightly, store in the refrigerator and consume within a maximum of 5 days.

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