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Methods of taking CBD oil – How to choose the right form and dose of cannabidiol?

Methods of taking CBD oil – How to choose the right form and dose of cannabidiol?

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Unfortunately, at the moment, no information note has been created, clearly stating the CBD dosage for individual diseases. Judging by the rapidly growing popularity of cannabidiol in the treatment of diseases, the development of this information is a matter of a short time.

CBD oil on the Polish market is approved for sale in the form of a supplement. This legalization is possible due to the very low THC content in CBD oils which does not exceed 0.2%. However, if we decide to implement cannabidiol treatment, we need to deepen our knowledge of the methods and forms. It is also worth delving into the general topic of cannabidiol, its value and advantages and the possibilities of its use. It may turn out that CBD will also be usefull in many other ways.


Commercially available CBD oil forms

  • CBD oil in liquid form – the application takes place orally – CBD oils
  • CBD oil in capsules.
  • Concentrated CBD oil in the form of paste – CBD paste
  • CBD ointments
  • Food with CBD oil content: bars, gums.
  • Tea
  • Products for vaporization: WAX, Crystal, Dry hemp, Hash

The most frequently chosen form of supplementation during treatment is CBD oil in liquid form.


The most important principles in the dosage of CBD oil. Does concentration matter?

Every person expressing the desire to use CBD oils should direct his actions towards a few basic principles:


  1. Diversity of dosage – awareness of the diversity of dosage for a particular person. This means that the appropriate dosage of CBD is usually different for each patient. Each endocannabinoid system is different, so do not be prompted by people taking CBD oils to treat the same condition as yours. The important value when determining the dose of cannabidiol is a skillful recognition of the needs and behaviors of our body.
  2. Time – it happens that patients supplementing CBD oils cease its use after a short time of use. This is for two reasons: either cannabidiol quickly led to a feeling of relief and complete elimination of persistent symptoms of the disease. Or on the contrary – the effects are not co-evident to the patient’s expectations. Patients forget that some pain syndromes are diseases that have grown and have negatively affected our body for many years. Fighting the pain and regeneration of a tired body also takes time.
  3. The content of mg CBD in one drop of oil – this is a very important information that allows us to adjust the appropriate dosage. Example: the patient has a fixed daily dose of 15 mg CBD. In the purchased CBD oil, the producer provides information on the content of 5 mg CBD per 10 drops. In summary, the daily dose in this case will be 30 drops. Note: concentration does not matter.
  4. Etiquette – below we present how to read labels based on our CBD oil:


What dose of CBD oil should I use? – The correct dosage of CBD oil.

The rules of conduct at the initial stage of CBD oil supplementation are simple. As we have mentioned, to this day there is no specific information indicating the dosage of cannabidiol for particular diseases. It is recommended to gradually introduce CBD oil into the treatment process. The patient (adult) starts dosing from 2 to 3 drops of low concentration CBD oil. It is not recommended to take the whole daily dose once. An important role in this process is played by skillfully capturing the body’s response to cannabidiol.

If the symptoms of the disease do not go away, increase the dose of CBD oil with an interval of 3-4 weeks. When the symptoms of the disease get worse and the patient’s health deteriorates considerably, it is suggested to discontinue CBD oil supplementation.

It is estimated that the minimum dose of CBD oil perceptible is even 1-2 mg.


Dosage of CBD oil on specific examples.


  • Chronic pain syndromes: osteoarthritis, muscle pain, chronic backache, bone and ligament pain, others: Crohn’s disease, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis – a recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 2.5 – 20 mg (approx. 25 days).
  • Mild pains (abdominal pain, digestive problems) – recommended daily dose of essential oil: 2 – 6 mg.
  • Glaucoma – the recommended daily dose of essential oil: 20 – 40 mg (in sublingual form).
  • Epilepsy (epilepsy) – the recommended daily dose of essential oil: 200 – 300 mg (for about 4.5 months).
  • Schizophrenia – recommended daily dose of essential oil: 40 – 1280 mg (for approx. 4 weeks).
  • MS (multiple sclerosis) – recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 2.5-120 mg (suggested use of THC mixture – CBD up to 15 weeks).
  • Insomnia (sleep disorders) – a recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 40 – 160 mg.
  • Huntington’s disease – a recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 10 mg / kg body weight (for about 6 weeks).
  • Depression states, anxiety, stress – recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 3 – 10 mg.
  • Reconstruction of body’s resistance – recommended daily dose of CBD oil: 1 – 3 mg.

Note: properties and proportions given as an example of adults weighing 60 – 90 kg.

The use of CBD oil and side effects

Many years of research and reviews of patients confirm the safety of cannabidiol use. However, every person who decides to introduce this method in treatment should pay special attention to the high quality of the product. It is very important to preserve such properties of cannabidiol as in the case of Hemp King CBD oils, namely:

  • the origin of the crop free from pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, toxins, molds, herbicides and fungicides,
  • without harmful substances, organic, not containing gluten,
  • 100% legal, coming from Polish cultivation,
  • original, certified, dermatologically tested, meeting the highest quality standards (we warn against counterfeit CBDs available in the market).

In the process of CBD oil supplementation it is important to be patient while awaiting the effects of cannabidiol. A certain number of patients with a minimum dose of CBD oil will feel the improvement of their health and alleviate the symptoms. While others, even after taking a large amount of the product, will not notice any major effects. The method of taking CBD oil has an influence on the body’s reactions. Observation and analysis of our body’s reactions to given doses is the key to achieving positive effects in the treatment process.

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