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Hemp Pudding Body Scrub with CBD


  • contains CBD and other cannabinoids
  • zero waste packaging
  • vegan
  • 100% natural 
  • polish product
  • 200ml
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Turn skin cleansing into a true skincare ritual!

Let yourself be wrapped in the incredible, delicious scent of vanilla and Monoi oil, which will make you love pudding dessert even if you are on a diet.

A unique combination of cane sugar, rich in various minerals and elements, with cold-pressed oils and butter will quickly and discernibly nourish your body and leave behind a beautifully fragrant film, making the use of the balm just an addition. Additives such as our hemp oil and true hemp extract with CBD and other cannabinoids in full spectrum make it the only peeling product on the market with such a wide range of beneficial skincare properties. It not only cleanses and exfoliates the skin, but also provides deep skincare and at the same time exhibits moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.

Who said a scrub must be… just a scrub?

We break down barriers and break stereotypes in the rhythm of oriental, delicious aromas that will stimulate not only your skin, but also your senses.

Love at first sniff guaranteed!

Pudding Body Scrub. INCI Composition:

Sucrose – Sugar. A natural ingredient exfoliating dead epidermis. We have chosen cane sugar for our cosmetics, because unlike traditional white sugar, it does not lose its valuable substances in the process of extraction. It contains numerous minerals and elements (iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium) as well as mineral salts. It is an excellent, organic ingredient, which replaces peeling particles made of micro-plastic.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil – Sweet Almond Oil. It contains high levels of vitamins A, E and D as well as unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic acids. This oil works well for all skin types, but is best for dry, sensitive and problematic skin, such as atopic skin, or in the case of psoriatic lesions. It is a natural emollient protecting the skin’s hydrolipidic layer. It smooths out and nourishes the skin, protects it from water evaporation and at the same time gently improves skin texture and moisturizes it.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter – A natural ingredient derived from the African shea tree. It is one of the most popular and common natural emollients in the range of cosmetics with replenishing effect. Shea butter is used in many areas of care, because, in addition to leaving a protective film, it has regenerative properties. It also adds shine to and nourishes hair and nails, is perfect in the case of abrasions and wounds, as well as in the case of irritation after epilation.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil –  The oil that is extracted from the coconut flesh through pressing belongs to the range of oils that do not dry, leaving a clear, greasy film. It is very resistant to external factors and high temperatures. Coconut oil is rich in oleic, lauric, myristic, palmitic and caprylic acids. Because it is a non-drying oil, it is used as an oily emollient that nourishes, strongly replenishes and protects the skin and hair from external factors. Coconut oil is used in dry, sensitive and atopic skin care, because it soothes and eliminates the feeling of tightness.

Tahitian Monoi Oil –  An extremely aromatic combination of coconut oil with Tahitian gardenia extract. It combines the properties of these two components. Tahitian gardenia extract has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and at the same time healing properties, and accelerates the renewal of the epidermis. Tahitian gardenia is a stunningly beautiful flower with a characteristic oriental fragrance, which enriches the formula of cosmetics with its natural aroma. Moreover, it is a strong antioxidant, softening the skin, smoothing it and making it silky to the touch.

Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil –  One of the most valuable and versatile natural ingredients, i.e. true hemp, keeps gaining in popularity. Oils based on this plant are an invaluable source of EFAs in perfect synergy, and contain a wealth of natural terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. True hemp oil is suitable for all skin types. It is non-comedogenic, but brings strong and radical effects. It has healing properties – accelerates wound healing, has anti-allergic properties and can be used on damaged and irritated skin. Ideal for people struggling with AD, eczema and psoriasis. Perfectly regenerates the skin, strengthening it and restoring skin balance.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract – True Hemp Extract, with CBD and other cannabinoids in full spectrum.

Hydrogenated Soy Vegetable Oil – Soy Wax. Safe and versatile soy wax is characterized by high content of fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E. It is a natural emollient and although it strengthens and protects the skin really well, it is absorbed quickly and leaves no unpleasant film. It can be applied directly to the skin. It has softening and nourishing properties, but thanks to vitamin E it is also an excellent antioxidant.

Tocopheryl Acetate – Vitamin E. A vitamin crucial for maintaining your skin in good condition, especially important for people with dry skin. It is called the vitamin of youth, because it directly influences the ageing process. It supports the transport of nutrients to the skin. A natural and safe preservative.

Vanilla Planifolia Oil – Vanilla Oil. It has a characteristic wonderful, strong and intense vanilla scent, which stays on the skin for a long time, so it is used mainly as a fragrance component, but thanks to its high polyphenol content, vanilla is also a very good antioxidant and has mild anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a natural aphrodisiac.


Some important facts about our ingredients:

  • various kinds of oil and butter we used in this cosmetic product are unrefined and cold-pressed
  • we have used absolutely no ingredients that are harmful to the aquatic ecosystem, e.g. microplastic particles, in the formula of our scrub
  • the cosmetic product owes its scent solely to natural ingredients from vanilla, Tahitian gardenia and coconut oil
  • the formulas of our cosmetics are enriched with two of our company’s flagship ingredients – hemp oil, as well as pure, certified true hemp extract with proven effectiveness
  • we use vitamin E as a preservative and do not use any other components, and yet our cosmetics retain their freshness for a long time
  • the suppliers of our raw materials have been verified as regards testing the ingredients on animals – we have chosen only those who do not take part in causing the suffering of animals.
  • by combining coconut oil with Tahitian gardenia flower extract we get Monoi oil

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    The best body scrub I have every used!

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faqFrequently asked questions!

Yes! Our line of cosmetics has been certified Vegan, there are no animal ingredients in it!

We focused on zero waste packaging! What does it mean? Glass jars, aluminum caps are ready to be used again when the product runs out!

Our cosmetics are 100% nature! If neither you nor your child are allergic to any of the natural ingredients – definitely!

If you are concerned about microplastics, you’ve come to the right place! Our peeling is 100% natural, and the element that rubs the epidermis is cane sugar.

Pudding body scrub is up to 200 ml of the product! the jar is filled to the brim with this natural cosmetic!

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