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Cat Care True Hemp Oil 500 mg – 50 ml


Cat Care True Hemp Oil:

  • 500 mg of high-quality phytonutrients from true hemp
  • support for your cat’s natural immunity,
  • convenient pipette for dosing the product
  • Full spectrum of phytonutrients (including: CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA),
  • 100% of natural ingredients,
  • enriched with cod and thistle oil for additional properties and enhanced taste.

Volume: 50 ml

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Cat Care CBD Oil – hemp-based support for your cat’s diet

Cat Care True Hemp Oil 500 mg is a top-quality dietary supplement. It is made from true hemp from high quality true hemp crops. It is enriched with cod liver oil and thistle oil to support your cat more comprehensively and to give the oil an interesting flavour!

Naturally support your pet’s diet with high quality hemp oil designed specifically for cats! The product is tested and is safe to use. We do not use any synthetic or crystalline CBD to enhance our products! This all-natural product will allow you to take comprehensive care of your pet.

Why is it worth using?

Proven quality
When buying a hemp product, you need to be sure that you are buying a supplement that is safe and that is of reliable origin. By choosing Cat Care True Hemp Oil, you are choosing high quality we have confirmed during tests. We test our products at every stage of production to make sure we offer you a valuable supplement for your cat.

100% natural product
At Hempking, we believe that there is great potential and power in nature. That’s why we rely solely on natural ingredients! We do not use any artificial ingredients like synthetic CBD in our products. We definitely reject all chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

A product made in Poland
Our oils are 100% Polish products, manufactured in Białystok, by us, a Polish company, from Polish true hemp.

Properties of Cat Care CBD Oil 500 mg

Cat Care True Hemp Oil contains CBD and other phytonutrients in low concentrations to gently supplement your pet’s diet. The oil is designed for adult cats of various breeds.

By giving hemp oil to your cat:

  • you provide your pet with the full spectrum of phytonutrients,
  • you also provide it with Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids,
  • you make sure its natural immunity is supported,
  • you take care of its cardiovascular system,
  • you ensure hemp oil has a positive effect on your pet’s skin and fur

Cod liver oil:

  • makes the skin healthy,
  • makes your cat’s fur look great,
  • enhances the taste of the product,
  • is a source of energy,
  • contains vitamins A and D.

Thistle oil:

  • has a protective effect on your pet’s liver,
  • helps liver regenerate,
  • contributes to the normal production of bile,
  • takes part in protecting the body from external factors.

How to start CBD supplementation in a cat with Cat Care True Hemp Oil?

Administering CBD Oil to your pet is not difficult at all. You can give it a measured portion of the oil directly into its muzzle using the pipette provided. Your cat will most probably love the taste of the cod oil.

However, we know that just like humans, animals have different taste buds and some are more choosy. Then, you can add a dose of CBD oil to the cat’s food or add it to its favourite treat.

Recommended dose: 3 drops three times a day.


Cod liver oil (60%), thistle oil (10%), hemp oil with naturally occurring phytonutrients (30%).
Cat Care True Hemp Oil 500 mg contains a full spectrum of phytonutrients, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols.

CBD oil, like any other supplement, will not replace a varied and balanced diet of your cat.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!


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