Krill Oil Pro - Biowen krill oil - 90 capsules


Krill Oil Pro:

  • capsules filled with Arctic krill oil,
  • contain omega 3 acids, phospholipids and astaxanthin,
  • pure composition – no unnecessary additives,
  • glass jar – BPA free,
  • net weight: 45 g.

Capacity: 90 capsules

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Krill Oil Pro Biowen – with astaxanthin, omega 3 (EPA and DHA) and phospholipids!

Krill, from which this oil is extracted, lives in the clear Arctic waters of the Wedell Sea. It is there that Arctic fishing boats catch it, and it is still on the boat that they process and freeze it to bring you the best quality oil, which has valuable substances in its composition. These substances are omega 3 acids (including valuable EPA and DHA), phospholipids and astaxanthin!

Biowen krill oil is sealed in gelatin capsules, so if you are afraid of the taste of this type of product, you don’t have to! The tightly sealed capsule is convenient to swallow.

In one serving (2 capsules) you’ll find 1000 mg of krill oil, which contains 758 mg of omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids (136 mg EPA and 90 mg DHA), 200 mg of phospholipids and 400 mcg of astaxanthin!

Arctic valuable ingredients are now within your reach! You can enjoy a treasure trove of valuable substances in a convenient way with Krill Oil Pro Biowen capsules! This supplement has a pure composition, you won’t find any unnecessary additives such as flavors, dyes or fillers.

Unsaturated fatty acids will mainly take care of your cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

We sealed the krill oil capsules in a darkened glass jar, so you can store them safely, without worrying about plastic microparticles from the package. The steel cap effectively protects the whole thing. And by the way, you can take care of the environment by not producing more unnecessary plastic trash!

Depending on use, the Krill Oil Pro supplement will last you 45 to 90 days of use!

Ingredients of Krill Oil Pro Biowen

Arctic krill oil, capsule shell: gelatin, humectant: glycerol, purified water.

Krill Oil Pro – why use krill oil?

Krill oil can quickly become part of your daily routine. It is a valuable ingredient that will diversify your diet and add valuable substances to it, such as omega-3 acids, including DHA and EPA, as well as astaxanthin and phospholipids. Many people use supplements containing krill oil on a daily basis. Why take krill oil?

Unsaturated fatty acids – properties

Unsaturated fatty acids are valuable fats in everyone’s diet, called “healthy fats. This is all due to their positive effects on the functioning of our body, especially the cardiovascular system:

  • they reduce blood cholesterol levels,
  • reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially the very valuable forms, namely DHA and EPA:

  • help maintain normal blood pressure,
  • support the normal functioning of the heart,
  • help maintain normal levels of triglycerides in the blood.


This is a natural substance that is produced before krill and hence its presence in a product like Krill Oil Pro. It is thanks to it that Arctic krill has a reddish color – astaxanthin belongs to the carotenoid group. It is currently gaining popularity and is under the magnifying glass of many researchers – we recommend you read about what the research says about it, because the results are promising!


Phospholipids are a type of fatty substances that are found in cell membranes, and through which these membranes achieve their permeability and fluidity! Naturally occurring phospholipids in the body are involved in many processes, including immune, renewal and regenerative and hormonal processes. Take a peek at scientific research sources, such as PubMed, to find out what properties of phospholipids are being studied.

Recommended daily intake of Krill Oil Pro

Take one to two Krill Oil Pro capsules per day with a meal. Do not exceed the daily recommended serving.

Remember not to use the supplement if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in it!

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