Zinc 3X Immunity, Zinc Complex+ Biowen - 100 capsules


Zinc Complex+:

  • Three forms of zinc: zinc citrate, zinc picolinate and zinc diglycinate,
  • comprehensive support,
  • pure composition, no questionable additives,
  • suitable for people on plant-based diets,
  • net weight: 30.8 g.

Package: 100 capsules

Zinc 3x Immunity is a unique supplement designed to support health and immunity. Encased in an elegant glass jar, this product contains 100 capsules with a unique formula based on three different types of zinc: zinc citrate, zinc picolinate and zinc diglycinate. This combination guarantees comprehensive support for the body, providing optimal health benefits.
What sets Zinc 3x Immunity apart from other supplements? First of all, its formulation is based on the absence of unnecessary additives, free of anti-caking agents, gluten, dyes and preservatives. It is also suitable even for those who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Zinc, which is the main ingredient of this supplement, plays a key role in many processes in our body. First of all, it supports the functioning of the immune system, which is extremely important in the fight against infections and diseases. In addition, zinc is involved in DNA synthesis and cell division, which contributes to tissue regeneration and the maintenance of a healthy body.
Not only that, Zinc 3x Immunity also supports proper protein formation, which is important for maintaining proper cellular structure. Its involvement in protecting DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage makes it act as a natural antioxidant, protecting us from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Zinc also has positive effects on skin health, bone health, cognitive function and fertility and reproduction. It maintains normal testosterone levels, which is important for the health of the male reproductive system. In addition, it is involved in fatty acid metabolism, acid-base metabolism and vitamin A metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on overall health.

Zinc 3x Immunity supplementation also supports the maintenance of normal vision, carbohydrate metabolism, and the condition of nails and hair. Its complex formula works multidirectionally, guaranteeing comprehensive support for health and immunity.

Therefore, if you are looking for an effective and comprehensive supplement that will take care of your body on many levels, Zinc 3x Immunity is an excellent choice. Its pure formulation, free of artificial additives, means you can be sure you’re providing your body with the best. With Zinc 3x Immunity, you can easily take care of yourself every day!

Zinc 3x Immunity – ingredients

Ingredients: Zinc (citrate, picolinate, diglycinate), inulin (chicory root), capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

Zinc 3x Immunity Biowen – properties of zinc.

Zinc, which is the main ingredient of the Zinc 3x Immunity supplement, is an element of key importance for many processes in the body. Its comprehensive properties positively affect the health and functioning of various systems. Below is a detailed description of zinc’s properties:

  • Immune system functioning: zinc plays an important role in supporting the immune system. It works by supporting the effectiveness of immune reactions.
  • DNA synthesis and cell division: zinc is indispensable for processes related to DNA synthesis and cell division. It influences the proper development of cells, which is important for tissue regeneration and maintenance of genetic integrity.
  • Participation in proper protein formation: zinc plays a key role in the process of protein synthesis, which is important for maintaining proper cellular structure. Proteins are the foundation of many bodily functions, from tissue construction to the transmission of signals between cells.
  • Maintaining healthy skin: zinc plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. It influences the skin’s processes and thus helps keep the skin looking healthy.
  • Protecting DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage: as a natural antioxidant, zinc protects cells from free radical damage. It prevents oxidative damage to DNA, proteins and lipids, which has a significant impact on the aging process.
  • Maintain healthy bones: zinc works with other minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in maintaining healthy bones. It participates in processes related to bone mineralization, which is crucial for bone strength and structure.
  • Cognitive functions: research indicates zinc’s role in cognitive functions such as memory, concentration and thought processes. It participates in the transmission of signals between neurons, which can affect brain efficiency.
  • Fertility and reproduction: zinc is important for the health of the reproductive system in both men and women. It maintains normal testosterone levels, which affects reproductive function and fertility.
  • Maintaining normal plasma testosterone levels: zinc plays a key role in regulating testosterone levels in the blood, which affects the health of the male reproductive system, as well as the overall health of the body.
  • Fatty acid metabol ism: zinc is involved in metabolic processes related to fatty acid metabolism, which can affect blood lipid levels and overall body condition.
  • Acid-base metabolism: zinc plays a role in maintaining the body’s acid-base balance, which is important for the proper functioning of many physiological processes.
    • Maintaining healthy vision: zinc is present in the cells of the retina and is involved in the processes involved in maintaining healthy vision. It may be beneficial in preventing certain eye diseases.
    • Vitamin A metabolism: zinc is essential for converting vitamin A into a form that the body can use. Vitamin A is crucial for eye, skin and immune system health.
    • Participation in normal carbohydrate metabolism: zinc plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism, which is important for energy metabolism in the body.
    • Maintaining the normal condition of nails and hair: zinc influences the condition of nails and hair, supporting their healthy growth and structure.
    • Participation in the proper metabolism of macronutrients: zinc is involved in metabolic processes related to the assimilation of macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

    In summary, zinc is an element with extremely versatile properties, playing a key role in maintaining the health and proper functioning of the body. Therefore, supplementation with Zinc 3x Immunity, which is rich in various forms of zinc, can be an excellent support for people taking care of their health.

  • Zinc 3X Immunity capsules – how to use?

    Just one capsule of Biowen Zinc per day is enough to meet the daily zinc requirement of an adult. We recommend taking one capsule a day with a meal and not to exceed the recommended serving.

  • storage conditions

Manufacturer/Responsible Party:

Biodio Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

24 Choroszczańska Street

15-732 Bialystok


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