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Bio Hemp Protein with Spinach and Kale - 250 g


Bio Hemp Protein with Spinach and Kale:

  • is a hemp protein with organic vegetables: spinach and kale
  • holds an EU Organic certificate
  • contains fibre, omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids and essential amino acids
  • stands for plant protein in a vegetable form
  • is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • a biodegradable scoop included
  • gluten-free
  • 100% pure composition

Weight: 250g.

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Bio Hemp Protein with Kale and Spinach – a green combination of hemp and vegetables

Bio Hemp Protein with Kale and Spinach is made up of 80% of hemp seed protein from organic hemp, 10% of organic kale and 10% of organic spinach.
Bio Hemp Protein with organic vegetables contains plenty of unsaturated fatty acids and plant protein. It also contains amino acids, vitamins, and fibre! It’s a healthy and interesting way of adding variety to your diet and a great addition to your daily meals, as it contains organic vegetables!
Hemp protein is suitable for vegans and vegetarians! It also comes with a biodegradable scoop to help you easily measure out the perfect portions.

Bio Hemp Protein with Bio Kale and Spinach:

  • an interesting and tasty way to add variety to your diet,
  • an extra portion of vegetables into your daily menu,
  • a guarantee of a 100% pure composition,
  • omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids
  • essential amino acids,
  • gluten-free,
  • a high content of fibre for better digestion.

Our Bio Hemp&Vegetable Protein has been manufactured using the cold-pressing method. This has made it possible to retain a lot of nutritional values in the product!

Why is it a good idea to include it in your diet?

Protein is the building block of the human body, which helps it function properly. It helps you burn excess calories, gain muscle mass or burn fat. By including it in your diet, you can take care of what products are on your menu and make sure you eat high quality meals.
Bio Hemp Protein with Bio Spinach and Bio Kale has a high content of fibre. It makes you satiated for longer, so it allows you to put an end to your love affair with unhealthy snacks between meals. It also regulates your digestion, having a beneficial effect on your intestinal functions.
Our Bio Hemp Protein with Spinach&Kale is also a rich source of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids help keep your circulatory system healthy. By eating a diet rich in those fatty acids, you can significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. And those unsaturated fats facilitate the absorption of Vitamin E, one of the ingredients of Bio Hemp Protein, by the human body. Vitamin E is responsible for making your skin look great.
Bio Hemp Protein with Bio Kale and Spinach is a whole protein. Why is that? Because it contains essential amino acids. These are the amino acids that we need to supply to our bodies with food, as the human body is unable to produce them on its own.
Organic hemp protein is also a way of supplying plant protein to your body. It is a good alternative to proteins with lactose, glucose, those of animal origin or those from legumes or soy that are not tolerated by everyone.
Our Bio Hemp Protein with Bio Kale and Spinach is EU Organic certified, which confirms that the product is organic.

Who can use?

Bio Hemp Protein with Bio Vegetables is ideal for those who:

  • are trying to burn fat or maintain a constant body weight,
  • exercise, work out and live a sporty lifestyle,
  • are trying to increase their muscle mass,
  • follow a plant-based diet – vegan, vegetarian or low in protein,
  • want to consume products containing only pure ingredients,
  • expect more from protein than just functionality.

Ingredients and nutritional value

80% bio hemp protein, 10% bio kale, 10% bio spinach
Nutritional value of Bio Hemp Protein with Organic Beetroot and Broccoli in 100 g:
Energy: 1379 KJ, 329 kcal
Fats: 8.1 g
Carbohydrates: 9.4 g
including sugars: 6.9 g
Protein: 46 g
Fibre: 20 g
Salt: 0.2 g

How to use Bio Hemp Protein with Spinach and Kale

3 scoops (15 g) per day. On workout days, take 6 scoops (30 g) of the product once daily, preferably after the workout.
You can add the product to your favourite smoothie, oatmeal, pancakes, home-baked cakes or drink it with water


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