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Myths about true hemp. What do you need to know not to repeat them?

Myths about true hemp. What do you need to know not to repeat them?

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Despite the growing awareness of our society and the many scientific publications on hemp, we keep coming across false statements. It would seem that the myths about true hemp should be a thing of the past, given the widespread availability of numerous studies and publications. Unfortunately, we keep encountering statements that are far from true. The huge amount of contradictory information on the properties or characteristics of true hemp is a matter of concern and a potential recipient gets lost in a jungle of statements. We’ve decided to deal with that once and for all. We say NO to the myths about true hemp and we hope that after reading our article you will follow our lead.

Myths about true hemp – true hemp is not the same as cannabis

This is by far the most frequently repeated myth with respect to hemp. Misidentifying true hemp with cannabis makes many people afraid of supplementing their diets with cannabinoids. You should know that true hemp is a variety that has a high content of the precious cannabinoid CBD and trace amounts of THC. Cannabis, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of true hemp. It is in this variety that we can find large amounts of psychoactive THC, and small amounts of the remaining cannabinoids. The two varieties are diametrically different from one another in terms of their biological structure and appearance.

Myths about true hemp – products based on true hemp are psychoactive

The misleading claim that true hemp and cannabis are exactly the same leads to repeating a yet another, very common myth. Due to drawing false comparisons, it is believed that true hemp products are psychoactive and have an intoxicating effect. That’s not true, and we have been fighting this belief for a long time. All our products, which are based on true hemp, have no psychoactive effects. They contain less than 0.2% THC, and the high content of precious CBD completely eliminates its effects. So, there is no way that our true hemp products can lead to intoxication.

Myths about true hemp – CBD and CBD-based products are illegal

Actually, psychoactive properties and the fact that CBD-based products cannot be placed on the market are two myths. As our CBD-based products contain less than 0.2% THC and have absolutely no psychoactive effects, they are fully approved for sale and do not violate the law in any way. You don’t need to worry about buying them, let alone using them.

Myths about true hemp – CBD products are medicines

No. Although they have a number of beneficial properties, products based on cannabinoids, are not medicines, but dietary supplements. Because of its properties, hemp was used in folk medicine – we cannot consider it a medicine, but only a supplement. This may change in the future, but at the moment we are sticking to the facts.

Myths about true hemp – CBD can only be used in a specific case

CBD products can be a perfect complement to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. CBD oils are particularly popular, as they are very convenient to use. Many people wonder how to take CBD. The answer to this question is very simple. The most important thing, however, is regularity and the ability to observe your body – perhaps it will turn out that you will feel better already when taking a lower dose of CBD, so it is worth starting the adventure with CBD with the smallest doses and observe the state of your health.

The interesting thing is that the opinions of CBD oil users in perimenopausal period are excellent! They agree that it is a much better and less burdensome method of reducing the unpleasant effects of menopause. It is worth joining the group of women who managed to cope with menopause with a smile on their faces!

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