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Dry hemp (CBD) – a remedy for autumn ailments

Dry hemp (CBD) – a remedy for autumn ailments

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Dry hemp is one of the products in our offer, which we can use in several ways, although this is of course only one of many advantages. Its use brings with it a number of benefits that will work exceptionally well at this time of the year. Autumn, which is a very demanding season for our health, in which flu and cold collect their harvests, it is ruled by its own laws, and it is up to us whether we let ourselves be trapped in its snare. Therefore, we today declare war against all autumn health problems and with our number one product, we are starting the path to full health and well-being.

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Dried hemp – qualities.

Dried hemp is a very unique product – it contains cannabinoids, phenols, flavonoids and beneficial terpenes. It is a 100% natural and organic product created from the best quality inflorescences of cannabis sativa. Thanks to this, it has a unique smell, taste … and amazing performance. It is rich in resins, fats, natural wax as well as fatty acids, flavonoids or proteins and antioxidants valuable for our health and skin. As we mentioned earlier, the main features of dry cannabis sativa is its versatility – it can be used in many ways, in a variety of forms, and yet it always works equally fantastically!


Thanks to CBD and CBDA cannabinoid contents, dry hemp exhibits the following qualities:

  • helps falling asleep and fighting against insomnia
  • improves the digestive system
  • it is a great defence against pain with special emphasis on migraine
  • relaxes
  • supports the natural immune system
  • it sustains the body’s natural energy
  • improves brain function


How to use dry cannabis sativa?

Dried hemp in its basic form has the form of powdery-reminiscent of simply herbal tea. And here we start our adventure with its use. It is fantastic if you like herbal tea, because, thanks to it, you will get not only a delicious and wonderfully fragrant brew, but you will provide your body with a real dose of beneficial health effects. We can’t imagine autumn evening without hot mug of something strengthening, so hemp tea is with us all the time. Maybe we can convince you too?


Other suggestions for using dry cannabis sativa are:

  • preparing a relaxing bath by pouring 4-6 tablespoons straight into the bathtub with hot (but boiling hot!) water. Such a procedure will bring relief, relax you and make it easier to fall asleep
  • homemade hemp oil
  • natural inhalation, which will greatly affect the work of the respiratory system. This is especially important when the air in your home is too dry or when you feel the first symptoms of an upcoming infection
  • as a seasoning to the dishes – do you know that you can enrich the hemp with, for example, your meat dishes or cocktails? Thanks to this solution, you will permanently provide your body with nutrients and strengthening substances from the drought

Dry CBD and vaporization.

Vaporization is a process that recently became very popular. It is based on heating the given herb to a certain temperature, which allows evaporation of active substances and inhalation of the resulting steam. This way of using CBD has one major advantage – it allows you to assimilate the maximum of active ingredients in our body without providing it with smoke, as in the case of traditional smoking. Thanks to the vaporisation (check our products for vaporisation) with cannabis sativa you will not only nourish and strengthen your body, but it may be a perfect substitute to quit smoking. Scientific studies conducted in the USA clearly indicate that after a month of vaporization with dried hemp, the condition of the respiratory system improved significantly, which is extremely convincing for smokers.


Dried hemp – how to prepare the perfect brew?

You certainly know that true gourmets of herbal extracts and brews attach great importance to the process of its preparation, making it a small, wholesome ritual. We also encourage you to treat evenings or even mornings with CBD as a routine and time for yourself and your health. To prepare the ideal taste and effect of a cannabis brew, measure 3-4 teaspoons, pour it into a cup (necessarily the one you like!) and pour hot, but not boiling water. The optimal temperature is 85 C – it’s good to keep this in mind. Then, we cover our cup with a saucer and wait about five minutes to get the best out of it.


How to enrich the taste and nutritional effect of hemp tea?

If you like experiments and a variety of taste sensations, you can enrich CBD with your favourite additions. It just so happens that it likes all connections, so you do not have to worry about something being wrong.


If you would like to change, enrich or crank up the taste of hemp tea you can use:

  • lemon or orange peel
  • cloves
  • anise
  • natural vanilla
  • honey


We do not recommend sweetening by sugar, because as we know perfectly well – sugar is our number one enemy and that’s not what we want. If the taste seems too bitter add 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

You see – in a very simple, easy and pleasant way you can strengthen and improve the functioning of your body. Dried cannabis sativa works at any time of the year but it is in the fall that we recommend it with special care. So if you are looking for a perfect solution for yourself, which will combine business with pleasure … definitely you should remember about this type of product.


Well-we hope that now we will only wish you … tasty.

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