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The synergy effects of CBD and CBG

The synergy effects of CBD and CBG

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Imagine that you are now sitting in your work and you have an incredibly difficult project ahead of you. That would have gone much better if your boss sent someone to help. Of course – you are also effective alone, but every two heads are more than one, right? It will go much nicer and faster, and who knows – maybe something better will be born? Now move this example to your body. Let your project be healthy and the unit responsible for its efficient functioning of a given supplement. Of course, it does not harm, is effective, gives tangible benefits, but if you combine it with something else? It will go much faster and faster, and who knows – maybe something better will come from it? Yes – we have exactly the same effect. We call it cooperation – and going further into scientific terms – synergy. Today, on the example of our supplements, we will explain what the cooperation between CBD and other cannabioids is. You will see that alone can be good, but in the company – it can be just perfect.

Probably everyone who has ever had contact with CBD supplementation has heard about the “entourage effect”, which says that there is a really important connection between the individual components of hemp and the overall effect of the therapy. It is said that using the synergy of both cannabinoids and other compounds found in cannabis can be a powerful weapon in the fight against serious diseases. Certainly, this is an issue requiring special attention both among scientists and the users. Hence, constant research on these connections – who knows, maybe soon we will find out more on this subject? At this moment, let’s focus on the facts and explain what the strength of cooperation is.

Synergy effect – much more than CBD and THC

The essential ingredients of cannabis, which we tell you so often, are: THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and THCV. However, cannabis itself also contains many other compounds whose presence is absolutely irrelevant. These include: terpenes, amino acids, proteins, sugars, enzymes, esters and flavonoids. Is it possible to obtain stronger effects of therapy by skilful combination of some of the hemp ingredients? The answer to this question bothering many researchers is contained in one statement: “synergy effect”.

Synergy (cooperation) is just like we mentioned. The interaction of individual factors under whose influence the effect is greater than the sum of all individual actions. In other words, it is the use of many hemp components that together bring better therapeutic results than isolated cannabinoids. And for an even simpler language – better and faster results will be achieved by mixing cannabioids with other components than one solo.

CBD and CBG – The synergy effect can take two paths

– centralization of active substances of particular compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) at the biochemical level,

– as a synergistic reaction of the body to therapy at the physiological level.

The idea of the “entourage effect” was initiated in 1998. Two Israeli scientists Shimon Ben-Shabat and Raphael Mechoulam suggested as the first in their research reports of a significant impact on the body the joint action of cannabinoids found in cannabis.

The above theory was soon followed by the extension of Wagner and Ulrich-Merzenich with new knowledge. They went a step further by defining four basic synergy mechanisms:

⦁ Influencing many goals in the human body.

⦁ Improvement of bioavailability (absorption) of active ingredients.

⦁ Overcoming defensive mechanisms of bacteria.

⦁ Minimizing unwanted side effects.

„Synergistic effects can be obtained if the components of the extract influence different targets or interact with each other to improve the solubility and increase the bioavailability of one or several extract substances.”

CBD and CBG – a remarkable combination

Every year, the interest of scientists in the benefits of combining these two relationships increases. CBD and CBG, combined, can gain extraordinary strength and potency in the fight against the symptoms of many serious diseases (eg cancer). The synergy of both components opens up many possibilities and optimizes assimilation (absorption) by the human body.

Research has revealed that the combination of CBD and CBG leads to higher efficacy in its activities than when components are separated and used alone. This intelligent cooperation between the compounds gives the opportunity to achieve the effects of therapy that are unlikely in individual dosing.

Well – once again confirms the theory that cooperation pays off. The next time you hear about the synergy effect, you should associate not only with the work on the project, but above all on the amazing action of the hemp ingredients. This topic, as mentioned above, is the subject of research by scientists (we will assume that it is also based on cooperation) and will certainly provide us with many interesting information. We are waiting impatiently for it. Today we encourage you to choose perfectly blended mixtures (ex. our offer) when deciding on the supplementation with cannabis products.

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