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Hempking CBD oils have a concentration of only up to 15%

Why do Hempking CBD oils only have a concentration of up to 15%?

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Looking through the offerings of various manufacturers and stores, one can come across the most diverse concentrations of oils with phytonutrients. The most popular ones are 5 or 10%, but there are some that have 4% or even…30%! Why such discrepancies and values? And why does our store have the highest concentration of CBD oil at 15%? We will try to answer these questions in this article and make things clear!

What is the concentration of CBD oil?

To even begin the topic of CBD oil concentrations, it is first necessary to answer the question of what a concentration even is. According to the definition, percentage concentration is information about how many parts of a solute are in 100 parts of a solution. To put it another way, percentage concentration tells us how much of the product is occupied by a particular substance. In the case of CBD oils, it is the hemp extract. In Hempking oils, hemp extract is dissolved in hemp oil from the seeds of the fibrous hemp plant. So when the package says 15% concentration, it means that’s how much CBD is in the oil.

Thanks to the concentration, we are able to choose the right strength of the product for our needs. In the beginning it is good to bet on low concentrations. In our offer you can find CBD oils with as low as 1% concentration of CBD and other phytonutrients. The highest concentration is the CBD oil of 15%, which we have already mentioned.

And why don’t we have higher concentrations, although some other companies do?

CBD oil, CBD paste and enrichment

Why do Hempking oils stop at a concentration of 15%? The answer is simple: higher concentrations will not have such a synergy of phytonutrients. A large discrepancy between CBD and other phytonutrients reduces the health-promoting properties of the oils. And we, as a manufacturer, focus primarily on quality from nature. Of course, we could create CBD oils with higher concentrations, artificially enriching them with CBD isolate or, as some do, even synthetic CBD. Then the result is a cheap CBD oil with a very high cannabidiol content and small amounts of other phytonutrients. High concentration does not at all mean a better product. Many times the opposite is true! If we are dealing with high values of CBD, the values of other phytonutrients will be very low or even absent. And as you know, full spectrum products are, in our opinion, the most valuable hemp supplements. So is it worth it, within the framework of higher concentrations of CBD alone, to sacrifice the content of other cannabinoids? In our opinion, it is completely not worth it!

If you come across a CBD oil with a high concentration, higher than 15%, be sure to look into its research and check (as long as it’s a full spectrum product and not an isolate!) whether and how much of the other phytonutrients it contains. If these values are low or not listed at all, such a product will not be more valuable at all than a 15% CBD oil with full spectrum cannabinoids and other components from hemp.

If you want a higher concentration of phytonutrients than 15%, we offer CBD pastes. How do they differ from CBD oil? First of all, the concentration, one has 30%, the other has as much as 50% CBD. And the form. Hemp extract is very thick, so with higher concentrations, the product itself also needs to be denser. Then it is no longer suitable for use with a pipette, but a special dispenser  with which we squeeze out the right amount of CBD paste. This is also a method to distinguish the natural product. CBD oil should be in the form of an oil, but when the concentration is high, it gets thick and becomes more of a smear than a liquid. Unless it has been artificially enriched with a liquid isolate rather than a full spectrum extract. Then its density will not change and we are dealing with a high concentration of oil.

Hempking 15% CBD oil – what does it contain?

We test every production batch of our products with phytonutrients. We do this with the help of our laboratory during production, but also with external laboratories independent of our company. This gives us the ability to constantly control the quality of our hemp supplements and their concentrations. Thus, we can give our customers a concentration guarantee!

The latest production batch of CBD oil with a concentration of 15% is over 16% CBD, and the total of all cannabinoids is over 19%! This is a highly concentrated hemp product that contains the full spectrum of phytonutrients, including CBG, CBC, CBDA and CBN. It is, among other things, due to the fact that our oils contain a guaranteed amount of CBD and, in addition, the full spectrum of other phytonutrients, that they are popular and appreciated for their quality and effectiveness in supplementation.

CBD oils are used mainly for:

  • enriching the diet with phytonutrients,
  • supplying our diet with omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 acids in ideal proportions,
  • taking care of our cardiac system,
  • supporting the regulation of cholesterol in the blood,
  • As well as triglycerides,
  • supporting our skin from the inside, so that it is full of radiance and has a beautiful appearance.

Natural CBD oils have much more value than those that are synthetically enhanced. At Hempking, we put nature and quality first!

Check out our research (certificates) –

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