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Can you legally buy marijuana in the Czech Republic?

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The Poles believe that in the Czech Republic you have more freedom and you can afford more than in Poland. Is marijuana legal in the Czech Republic?

Is this true?

What is the penalty for the possession of marijuana in the Czech Republic?

Can you go to our southern neighbours, buy marijuana and consume it in public without any problems?

You can read about this and a couple of other things related to the legal status of cannabis in the Czech Republic in this article! 

Czech Republic – Legal status of CBD and THC

What is the legal status of hemp products in the Czech Republic? Are there limits on CBD and THC? Is it possible to use full spectrum products without any problems, completely legally and without any consequences? Many Polish citizens believe that marijuana is completely legal in the Czech Republic and can be freely used there. And such a belief can lead to problems with Czech law! Marijuana is considered a soft drug in the Czech Republic. And while the laws may be slightly more liberal than in Poland, there are still restrictions on cannabis use in that country. Currently in the Czech Republic, you can carry up to 10 grams of dried cannabis and not face any legal consequences. An adult can have up to 5 bushels of cannabis. And how about products like CBD oils? 

Czech Republic – 1% THC legal since 2022

Previously, laws in force in the Czech Republic were similar to those in Poland – dried CBD could contain up to 0.3% of THC (that’s 0.1% more than in Poland). However, everything changed with the arrival of 2022. That’s when the law changed and the THC limit was raised to 1% for industrial hemp! That is a major change, which will benefit entrepreneurs who process true hemp and produce, for instance, CBD oils. You may find it surprising, but such a high acceptable level is not even applicable in… the Netherlands! 

How much THC can you carry in the Czech Republic?

As we’ve already mentioned, the THC limit for industrial hemp is now as high as 1% in the Czech Republic. What about higher concentrations? Are they completely prohibited and illegal? Not really! Hemp with

THC concentration of up to 1% is classified as a substance that is not addictive. When it comes to higher concentrations than 1%, they can be found in medical marijuana. The Czech government has also abolished the monopoly on medicines made from cannabis, allowing private companies to sell products with legal concentrations of THC as medicinal products. And this will certainly contribute to lower prices for medical marijuana in the Czech Republic [1].

Czech CBD oils – how do they differ from the oils available in Poland?

Hemp oil from the Czech Republic has long been most popular among Polish consumers. When this issue was still in its infancy in Poland, Czechs were successfully running businesses based on hemp supplements. Back then, they were certainly of better quality than the Polish ones, as the Czech manufacturers were present on the market longer, were more experienced and had better technical facilities at their disposal. And what’s the situation now? Currently, Poland is climbing the hemp ladder in the global hemp products market. And it doesn’t deviate in terms of quality at all! Hemp oil from the Czech Republic is completely comparable in terms of quality to hemp oil from Poland! Nowadays, it is easier to buy good quality hemp oil in Poland, which sometimes arrives within 24 hours of ordering, than to wait for a shipment from the Czech Republic. 

Is RSO oil legal in the Czech Republic?

RSO oil is oil with a high THC content that is often used in home treatment of sick people. In Poland, RSO oil is illegal, because it contains a lot of THC. And how is the situation in the Czech Republic, where the law is more liberal? 

There is a tacit acceptance of marijuana use in the Czech Republic, and the laws are less restrictive than in Poland. That doesn’t mean you can do literally anything out there when it comes to cannabis in the case of which the limit on THC content is exceeded. RSO oil, price, Czech Republic are three phrases that many people enter into a search engine, hoping to find the answer to the question about how much that product can be purchased for from Czechs. RSO oil contains about 90% of THC alone. These are very high concentrations, even for the Czech Republic. 

Hemp products from the Czech Republic 

Hemp products from the Czech Republic differ little from those found in hemp stores in Poland. The most popular ones are, of course, CBD oils and dried hemp, but also cosmetics, hemp foods or sweets with CBD. Cakes with marijuana are also accepted in the Czech Republic, but only home-made, i.e. those prepared at home using amounts of marijuana whose possession is legal. That is, 10 g per person or 5 plants per household.

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